Press Rewind: Is Video Killing the Content Marketing Star?

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Content marketing is king, so why are experts suggesting it will be dethroned by video? Regardless of industry, visual content is becoming the key to higher engagement rates, more traffic and increased brand exposure online. With nearly 50% of Americans watching one or more videos online per month, brands that want to stay in the game need to step … [Read more...]

Want to Become the Next VIP of LinkedIn? Publish Your Heart Out

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Last year, LinkedIn lowered its age limit, introduced a bundle of new mobile apps and put the finishing touches on its updated design. In 2014, LinkedIn’s biggest news thus far has been the platform’s intention to roll out long form publishing to all members. As announced in February, LinkedIn gave publishing access to 25,000 members with the … [Read more...]

Are Infographics the Future of Copywriting?


Surely you’ve heard the talk over the last few years: ‘copywriting is dead!’ But what does that actually mean? Can copywriting really be dead and gone? The answer is…kind of. What people really mean is keyword stuffing and SEO copywriting is dead. And while that is essentially true, it means content marketing is alive and kicking. Google’s new … [Read more...]

How to Boost Your Authority With the Help of Google’s In-Depth Articles

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Back in August of 2013, Google introduced in-depth articles to the SERPs in order to provide more complex information for searchers who want more than surface-level answers to their queries. Sounds great, right? Type in a keyword phrase and easily identify high quality information from respected sources. For SEOs, this function can be incredibly … [Read more...]

I Want to Push You Around: The Power of Push Notifications

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Urban Airship knows push notifications. If you think I’m lying, check it out – the Portland-based tech company has sent out one hundred billion push notifications since its inception. (Don’t ever accuse me of lying again. Especially about push-notification-based facts.) To celebrate, I’m assuming the Urban Airship folks flew around in a … [Read more...]

Selling Science: 23andMe Brings the Genome Home

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In a move towards do-it-yourself genomics, the company 23andMe has been democratizing genetic testing and analysis through its $99 test kits. While individuals can’t yet run the analysis at their kitchen table, a simple swab sent through the mail is enough to get you an individualized examination of your predisposition to certain diseases, your … [Read more...]