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4 Outdated Ways to Market Your Business Online

Just how fast is the internet changing? Well, not only will 75% of the world’s population have internet access by 2015…So will roughly 6 billion devices.It’s called “The Internet of Things,” (IoT) an idea that started at MIT and is picking up traction with Bosch Software Innovations (above statistics), Procter & Gamble, and the Harvard … [Read more...]

Silicon Valley’s Explosive DIY Marketing Tactics

Looking to beef up your content marketing strategy Silicon Valley style? Check out these three fast growth companies, which use tactics applicable to virtually any business… #1 Dropcam: Customer & Lead Segmentation Priced at $149, Dropcam is an HD camera that connects to your home Wi-Fi. Footage is stored in the cloud and accessible from … [Read more...]

Copywriting Tips from the VW “Think Small” Ad Man

Bob Levenson has been hailed as the greatest “ad man” of all time by his contemporaries on Madison Avenue and around the world. Like Rosser Reeves, Levenson’s dynamic career and accomplishments were used as a model for AMC’s Mad Men. Once you start looking into the mind of this copywriting genius, it becomes quickly apparent why Advertising Age … [Read more...]

Creative or Writing Agency: Which Is Right for You?

There’s something really appealing about hiring a creative agency like Wieden + Kennedy to design your product packaging, write a brilliant ad campaign, and create a gorgeous app that engages customers with your brand.There’s also something really expensive about all that. Hiring the top creative advertising talent out there can cost upwards of … [Read more...]

The Week in Native Advertising (July 8-12)

Wondering what’s been said/done/written about native advertising this week? It’s all below… Will Advertisers Self-Regulate? Media journalist Cheryl Ross reports that art directors, advertisers, and media buyers need to figure out how they’re going to self-regulate their experiments in native advertising. Otherwise, the FTC may have to follow … [Read more...]

9 Creative Ways to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Site

Perhaps you’re a regular blogger, but are you really doing everything in your power to increase organic traffic to your site? Check out these eight creative ways you can start earning more website traffic. #1 Schema markups. Have you ever searched for a recipe and seen a picture of the dish just below the page title? Maybe you’ve noticed stars … [Read more...]