How to Use Landing Pages the RIGHT Way in the Real Estate Industry

Always Finish Real Estaet Copy with a CTA

Landing pages work particularly well for real estate companies. A good marketing campaign will target a specific audience and focus on local customers. While these are important features across most industries, they’re absolutely imperative in the real estate world. Obviously, you don't want to waste your time marketing to potential clients who … [Read more...]

Creating Public Health Content That Actually Reaches People

Healt Literacy

If you ask a random sampling of people on the street, you’ll find that our health has become a popular, and often controversial, subject. Opinions regarding GMOs, vaccines, and the fluoridation of our drinking water vary widely in scope, despite a wide consensus in the medical community. Thanks to popular media health moguls like Dr. Oz and The … [Read more...]

Why Retailers Should Never Ignore These Types of Content

Retail Content Marketing Lessons

Retailers, whether of e-commerce or brick and mortar variety, have quite the selection when it comes to content marketing. There are many variations on content in the marketing world, but not all types of content are suitable for all brands. Some companies have little room for social media campaigns or white papers. Retailers, on the other hand, … [Read more...]

Content Ideas for Targeting Millennials in Health Care

Content Ideas for Targeting Millennials 1

Millennials account for 72 to 80 million people in the United States. They are more likely to go online to find a doctor instead of using the one their parents’ used or asking friends and coworkers for referrals. They want fast, online access, and they want to be educated as much as they want traditional health-care services. For modern medical … [Read more...]

10 No-Nos for Your Brick and Mortar Store’s Online Product Descriptions

10 No-Nos for Your Brick 2

People don’t just scan product descriptions on Amazon or your website. They look at them like a set of specs on a new car. Consumers want to know the details that make your broom better than the 500 other brooms available for purchase, and they need to be able to gain that understanding fast. That means your marketing team has to develop compelling … [Read more...]

Why Generic Content Doesn’t Work in Real Estate

Why Generic Content Doesn’t Work 1

Too many real estate companies get caught in the same net of generic content as other industries. But “10 tips for buying your first home” and “how to find a realtor” is kitschy content that has been done over and over. After you’ve written one of these generic posts, it’s time to start adding some strategy to your content production … [Read more...]

Developing a Seasonal Content Campaign for Fall 2015

Make Your Small Business Content 1(1)

Small brick and mortar businesses often have to change their marketing strategies seasonally to maintain audience attention in the marketplace. As school starts, football season kicks off, and we enter the land of monthly holidays, your business needs to stand out from the crowd. Albert Einstein defined insanity as, “doing the same thing over and … [Read more...]

9 Reasons Your Legal Content Isn’t Reaching Your Audience

9 Reasons Your Legal Content 1(1)

There are a couple of purposes behind why law firms choose to post content online. Online content demonstrates relevance and niche expertise to your peers for cross-selling opportunities, and it adds meaningful value to prospects and existing clients. If your law firm doesn’t have a strategy behind posting content, now is the time to rethink … [Read more...]

Don’t Be a Hoarder – Learn How to Delegate Your Workload


Far too many business owners have an intense fear of delegating tasks to employees. For a number of reasons, owners often end up taking on tasks themselves, which can eventually lead to sensory overload and exhaustion. Though it's completely understandable why some owners may not want to trust their "babies" in the hands of their employees, it's a … [Read more...]

The Role of Text in Responsive Design


More web traffic is due to mobile searches than computers and laptops. Most business websites require responsive design, which streamlines information based on screen size. In essence, think of screen size as something that scales with attention and focus. What this means is all the content is written for a desktop web browser, then information is … [Read more...]