Help! I Don’t Have Time to Stay Online


Whether you run a small business, are starting a YouTube channel, or you’re in the process of growing, you may feel stretched thin when it comes to online marketing. One entrepreneur site may tell you that SEO is key, while another may tout social media as the forum with the most potential. Don’t let targeted articles confuse how you should … [Read more...]

Being Yourself: The Importance of Authenticity in Online Marketing

Tom Fishburne

Authenticity is something that more brands are starting to incorporate into their marketing strategies. For a long time, online marketing was about getting more content online, looking at analytics, and using data driven strategies to drive traffic. This is still important, but Google’s ever more intelligent algorithms are reining in marketing … [Read more...]

How Age Discrimination Can Be a Subtle Drag on Businesses

Start-ups in the technology sector and corporations throughout the economy are always on the lookout for young, energetic, and talented potential employees. Most organizations recruit employees on college campuses, and more are tailoring their work environments to what they believe people are looking for in this demographic. However, it may … [Read more...]

To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag: Challenges With Social Media’s Most Powerful Marketing Tool


Hashtags pose a unique set of problems for the marketing world. While they have the ability to unite people for a common cause, they also hold destructive power when used out of context. Several large companies have experienced severe pushback from the social media world through marketing campaigns centered on the use of a sponsored hashtag. … [Read more...]

Branding Lessons from the “Whoniverse”

Doctor Who Logo

Anyone whose blood runs cold at the mention of Daleks, knows not to blink around a Weeping Angel statue, or dreams of being whisked away in a spaceship disguised as a blue Police Box is already well aware of the appeal of The Doctor. As Doctor Who approaches its Season 8 premiere, an army of avid Whovians eagerly awaits a new crop of adventures … [Read more...]

Keep it Simple: How Successful Brands Have Perfected Minimalist Marketing


“Quality over quantity!” You’ve heard the saying over and over again about countless topics, to the point where it begins to lose its meaning. However, it bears significance in few arenas more than in modern marketing. With a myriad of brands competing for consumers’ attention, it may be tempting to post as much content as possible to gain a … [Read more...]

Fall for these 8 Back-to-Cool Web Presence Essentials


Fall is on the horizon. Among the apples, pumpkins and sweater weather, one of the best parts of the season is the opportunity to revamp your identity. Whether it was a new pack of Crayolas as a kid or a new wardrobe as an adult, fall is a great time to hit the refresh button on life. Check out our list of web presence must-haves that business … [Read more...]

Understanding the Appeal of User-Generated Content Marketing

Starbucks cup

Have you ever considered handing over the job of content marketing to your customers? Believe it or not, we think you should. Obviously, you shouldn’t fire your whole marketing team and crowdsource your entire content strategy. However, the occasional user-generated content marketing campaign allows participants to create their own corner in … [Read more...]

10 Shark Tank Business Lessons


Now in its fifth season, viewers seemingly can’t get enough of ABC’s Shark Tank. It’s half drama, half business lesson and provides a taste of the fast pace, do-or-die entrepreneurial lifestyle. While it’s certainly a Hollywood look at business pitches and ideas, it yields some interesting and valuable lessons for business owners and aspiring … [Read more...]

Smashing Racist Stereotypes: Represent the Latino Demographic


The Latino demographic is driving both purchasing power and population growth in the United States – and yet, somehow this demographic is one of the most underrepresented ethnic groups in media. Further, not only is Hispanic representation lacking, but when representation is present, it is often reflective of negative stereotypes. In marketing, the … [Read more...]