6 Social Media Strategies for Engaging Customers

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Have you felt your social media posts stagnate? Perhaps you are embarking on your company’s social media journey for the first time. Properly engaging your followers can be tough for businesses, especially established companies. Part of the issue is knowing how to walk the line between maintaining your professionalism while engaging on a personal … [Read more...]

Integrating Winning Trends in the Workplace


Consumer A has decided to invest in a product sold by a few different brands. The product is roughly the same, with every sales representative gushing about high quality and service over time. What will affect consumer A’s purchasing decision? Marketing is all about psychology. Sales is where the purchasing decision happens, but marketing is … [Read more...]

Never Run Out of Things to Say Again – Effective Brain Storming for Niche Content


Niche content marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your brand name out there and convert browsers to buyers. However, the definition of the word "niche" reflects some of the problems that can arise from this type of content. A niche is defined as a shallow recess or nook into which a specific item (or in this case industry) … [Read more...]

7 Signs Your Website’s Content Needs Improvement


Fifteen years ago, websites topped searches by cramming keywords into useless paragraphs in nonsensical landing pages. Five years ago, every business and business’s mothers started a blog to improve their site’s content and draw in customers. The rule was “write fast, write often.” The idea was that several 400 word posts several times a week would … [Read more...]

Ramen Noodles for Dinner – Terrible Personal Habits of Writers


We've all heard about the personal habits of successful salesmen, entrepreneurs, and just about any other kind of profession. "A positive attitude and persistence!" is what we're told makes a great salesman. Heck, I'm sure most of us even know the habits of successful writers, like reading and writing every day, finding solitude, and being … [Read more...]

What Exclusivity Can Do for Your Business Marketing


Have you ever seen a brand, small or large, that seemed to stay in business effortlessly? I’m talking about the ones you never see in magazines or on billboards but everyone still knows about. If you have, the business has likely leveraged the power of exclusivity over time – creating demand by keeping their marketing game small. You may have … [Read more...]

3 Digital Automation Practices for Small Businesses


Digital automation is the process of using digital tools to streamline regular processes that absorb manpower. Since many small businesses are grappling with establishing their online presence, now is the time to give yourself an edge on competitors. Automated tools are primarily designed to do one of two things: Save you and your employees … [Read more...]

To App or Not to App? The Answer for Your Business

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Word has spread from one man shops to legacy businesses that ignoring mobile marketing isn’t wise. A responsive web design is a must have if you plan to keep the market engaged with your brand. Business owners are still struggling, however, with the decision to develop mobile apps. Are you guilty of listening to an app pitch in a meeting, then … [Read more...]

Scrap the Boring Stuff – Make Your Brand’s Story Actually Mean Something


The art of storytelling has been around since the beginning of time. Starting with the earliest cave paintings that would "animate" a story of the hunt in the flickering firelight, humans have always been compelled by the power of imagination. We use stories to pass on our personal and familial history, enlighten our minds, and for simple … [Read more...]

The Purchase Bubble That is About to Burst


Accounting for more than 19 million citizens, the Asian American population in the United States is rapidly increasing. In the past ten years, this group has grown by more than 10% in 49 states. Asian Americans represented 5.6% of the US population in 2010. This number is expected to hit 9% by 2050. Since the population growth has been sudden and … [Read more...]