The Rat (Terrier) Race: Improving Workplace Performance With a Pet in the Office


“Dogs in the office” may seem like a questionable idea at first. In spite of easy to imagine worst-case scenarios, however, allowing employees to bring their pets to the workplace has consistently been associated with improved productivity, reduced stress, increased satisfaction at work, and an overall better workplace. This is a great way to … [Read more...]

How Telecommuting Is Changing the Way We Work


The future is quickly headed toward telecommuting. Since 2005, telework has grown almost 80%, and it has continued to show growth even as the overall workforce declined from 2011-2012. Organizations that employ telecommuters see benefits across the board. Naturally, growing companies demand a way to keep productivity and employee retention rates … [Read more...]

Routine Success: Developing Productivity Through Ritual


What do wearing two pairs of basketball shorts, bringing shower sandals to a tennis court, and eating chicken before a game have in common? Aside from being odd, these quirks are related to the massive success of the athletes who performed them. Well, some may call it quirks – but experts believe this automated behavior allows the brain to … [Read more...]

Level Up Your Content Marketing Campaign With Some Video Game Inspiration


Contrary to popular belief (or perhaps unpopular at this point), a lot of useful skills can be taken from the video game world. Avid gamers know that video games have a lot more to offer than just an entertaining pastime. Aside from learning multi-tasking, planning, and problem-solving skills, the world of gaming also offers us some competitive … [Read more...]

5 Yoga Moves for the Office and Their Benefits


Tracing its roots through antiquity, yoga is a discipline commonly practiced for mental, physical, and spiritual reasons. While the newcomer may picture a master Yogi contorting her or himself on an isolated hillside, quietly meditating and counting heart beats, the modernization of yoga has taken this practice from cardio intensive to P90X style … [Read more...]

Turn Your Business into a Video Game and Find Marketing Gold


Content marketers have dominated just about every corner of the digital marketing world. They've mastered the art of video, audio, text marketing, and various combinations of the three. The next logical step is to combine media and entertainment for the ultimate marketing platform: video games. Yes, you read that right – improve your content … [Read more...]

Oopsy-Daisy: Recovering From Online Mistakes


Remember when Twitter CFO made that mergers & acquisitions gaffe? The Twitterverse is an easy online forum where mistakes abound in careless entries and late night posts and no online site is immune from the potential for professional mistakes. Website content, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other applications and online forums can all bring industry … [Read more...]

Ways to Attract (and Keep) a Telecommute Workforce


Telecommute employment is no longer an avant-garde way to cut down on traffic, decrease overhead, or accommodate unique situations. While the value of these benefits remains unquestioned, employers are uncovering more (and greater) advantages to staffing a virtual team. Remote labor is becoming mainstream. Offering even the option to telecommute … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning: Revamping Content Marketing Strategies for 2015


Spring represents new life, growth, and resilience. The emergence of new flora and fauna inspires us to look to changes within ourselves – to slough off the old, dead debris and start anew. People start cleaning out their houses, dusting off their furniture, preparing their gardens, and donning a sunnier attitude. With the myriad exciting changes … [Read more...]

Summer is the Perfect Time to Drum Up New Business


Summer may not be the conventional season for professionals thinking about strategies for growth. It’s true that people are distracted with the nicer weather and family activities throughout the summer, but that also means there is a strong potential for networking and making meaningful and lasting connections with your clients. Instead of letting … [Read more...]