Content Diversification: Tips for Widening Your Readership Net


Some topics are as dry as a stale cracker. Few people like to write it, and even fewer people want to read it. The style may remind you of old textbooks or academic journals. Many of these topics aren’t boring – they just need a new angle. Making content relatable and fresh will win over new audience members and earn competitor respect. The Truth … [Read more...]

Producing Killer Content, Each and Every Time


As a writer, I can tell you there’s nothing worse than staring at a blank computer screen. The cursor mocks you, each blink a testament to your wasted productivity and creative failure. Blink. Blink. I actually got this idea because I was starved for blog ideas. Writing about content curation when you can’t seem to come up with something … [Read more...]

How to Save Time and Scale Your Marketing Content

Lack of time is the biggest reason for lack of content, yet there’s more and more emphasis on the importance of scaling copy to reach more customers. If everyone is so short on time, how can marketers manage the growing demands of content? I have noticed critical steps that many businesses skip to save time, but these save time and money in the … [Read more...]

How To Engage Millennials With Your Brand (Advice From a Millennial Content Writer)


People who aren’t in the Millennial generation view us in one of two ways, according to New York Times contributor and Wall Street Executive Steve Rattner: some think we’re lazy, entitled, and narcissistic. Others maintain that we’re open-minded, engaged, and optimistic. Rattner is in the second camp, and he lays out some indisputable truths: we’re … [Read more...]

Fisherman Catches Alien in the Pacific: Why You Should Avoid Clickbait at All Costs


As with tabloid magazines, some write online headlines to draw attention and shock audiences. They may reference alien life, shocking celebrity secrets, or outlandish tales. When your curiosity gets the best of you and you click on the icon, the content often falls short of what you expect. These “clickbait” headlines are manipulative and designed … [Read more...]

Measuring Engagement in Your Healthcare Content


When we talk content, we hear the term “consumer engagement” bandied about, and it makes sense for us to consider what this means. We take time and care curating our brand’s content, so we want some assurance that our base is interacting with it. You may have go-to methods for determining your level of consumer engagement: the number of likes and … [Read more...]

The Right Mix of Quality and Quantity in Content Marketing

Many companies struggle to find the right balance between quality and quantity in today’s world of online content marketing. There’s a general understanding that social media followers must have a continuous stream of new content to grow brand awareness. But if quantity is a must, how does a business determine if it’s meeting quality … [Read more...]

What the 2016 Presidential Election Can Teach Us About Content Management Strategy


You either, love, hate, or love to hate politics. I’m personally in the first camp. I can’t get enough of the charade of endless pandering. Election night is a party in our house, where we stay up late and mark the states Red or Blue as the results come in amid a flurry of wine and snacks. We live in a swing state, THE swing state that makes or … [Read more...]

8 Things Buzzfeed Can Teach All Small Businesses About Content

Snip from Twitter

People of all ages gravitate towards Buzzfeed, but what makes this media outlet so attention-catching? While the media company does not always hit the mark with their rapid content production, they do sustain a massive readership that earns international attention. Small companies can use some of the site’s techniques to increase readership, drive … [Read more...]

How to Create Promotion Campaigns That Will Appeal to Your Audience

  As an avid couponer myself, I understand firsthand the magnetic pull that saving money can have on a customer. The promise of a free giveaway or the exciting anticipation of joining a contest can generate a major following and lead to a fun way to achieve organic content promotion. There are thousands of ways to get started on a … [Read more...]