Are You Building an Army of Thought Leaders? Move from Individual to Corporate Thought Leadership


Thought leadership is a topic I’ve discussed at length, but it’s an area of focus that commands much attention. While it’s usually looked at from a personal point of view, it’s very much a corporate agenda as well. Consider brands like General Electric, The Ritz-Carlton, and ESPN for example. Their corporate strategies have taken them from … [Read more...]

In the Loop: How Vines Help Ripen a Marketing Campaign


Vine received mentions on the CEM blog regarding its emerging role in news, music marketing, and politics. Over a year later, this micro-video app launched a desktop site, celebrated its first birthday, and gained millions of new individual and commercial customers. An Overview of the Brief (Yet Significant) Rise of Vine In fewer than two years, … [Read more...]

Code Switching and Your Brand: How the Latino/a Audience is Changing the Face of Marketing


The phenomenon of moving in between languages or dialects within the same sentence is becoming more and more prominent – especially in the marketing world. In both linguistic and social spaces, this phenomenon is called code switching. Code Switching in the Real World Code switching occurs more regularly in speech than in writing, but even the … [Read more...]

Back from the Dead: What Companies Can Learn from the Reinvention of BlackBerry

Emily Perry CEM Blog 7.7

Since releasing its first handheld device in 1999, BlackBerry has seen its share of ups and downs. These once-ubiquitous smartphones offered a revolutionary new way for users to make phone calls and access text messages, emails, browsing, and more. By 2006, BlackBerry devices had become so popular that Webster’s dictionary named the term … [Read more...]

Who Takes Young Adult Novels Seriously? 7 Reasons Why You Should


When The Fault in Our Stars, based on the young adult novel by John Green, opened atop the North American box office, very few box office observers were surprised. Still, the scope of the film’s success caught industry insiders off guard, especially as opening weekend numbers dripped in, revealing that the film would earn $48 million, a genre … [Read more...]

Yuk it Up: Using Comedy to Drive Your Marketing Strategy


Why did the chicken cross the road? He thought it might help his ROI. Okay, that wasn’t exactly a knee-slapper, but the sentiment rings true. In times of war and peace, scarcity and plenty, people are drawn to humor across every type of media. Marketing communications are no different. In 2013, comedy movies grossed over $2 billion in the US. … [Read more...]

RxContent: How to Find Your Marketing Prescription


If you’re like me, you like a good analogy. Analogical reasoning plays a critical, though mysterious, role in problem-solving contexts, especially for marketers. Today, marketers struggle with the “digital roadblock,” where proven marketing techniques fall flat and innovative ideas thrive. Forty percent of marketers know they must change their … [Read more...]

Lost in Translation: Spanish Content Writing and the High Price of Low Cost


How do feel when reading an article or blog written in error-filled English? Sure, you might overlook a few typos or misplaced modifiers, but did you feel like the person writing the piece had you in mind? Did you feel connected to the content, or were you waiting for it to end? Reaching out to the Hispanic market is no different; Spanish … [Read more...]

What Snowboarding, Burpees, and Business Have in Common


Elite athletes and entrepreneurs seem to lead vastly different lives, but do they really? Physical abilities aside, running a business and participating in an extreme sport present many similarities. Both require practitioners to bring their best qualities on a daily basis to continue progressing towards their goals, and both present obstacles … [Read more...]

Toeing the Line: Brands Taking Advantage of Opportunistic Marketing and Borderline Ambush Strategies


Toward the end of March, I discussed the 2014 World Cup and opportunistic marketing and ambush strategies. Now that we are weeks into the tournament and into the knockout stages, it’s interesting to sit back, take a breather, and let what we’ve seen thus far marinate. From an athletic and marketing standpoint, plenty has happened. Highly ranked … [Read more...]