Your Marketing Formulas Will Fail: Finding Flexibility


Generally speaking, digital marketing agencies advertise in one of two ways: “we work with you” and “our approach always works!” The former is an excellent sign because the marketing agency wants to personalize your digital marketing strategy for a target demographic. It is willing to build a custom template for your company. The latter is … [Read more...]

Why Personalization May Not Work for Your Business


  Personalization carries many benefits for almost any business or product. Personalization need not be complicated, either. Sixty percent of shoppers say they like retailers to remember their payment information, as it speeds up purchases. Shoppers like to come into a store or other business and hear questions like, “The usual?” This shows … [Read more...]

4 Marketing Fails to Annoy Your Audience – And How to Avoid Them


Since the beginning of the marketing era, perhaps starting with the first traces of direct mail of Farmers Almanacs in 1732, there has always been that one campaign that is just downright annoying. In fact, telemarketers got so obtrusive in the early 2000s that a law had to be enacted to keep them from interrupting families during dinner time. … [Read more...]

Even Hot Dog Carts Need Websites Nowadays


Websites need to be continually updated. Recent increases in mobile use makes 2015 something of a milestone for online companies. Surprisingly, there are still thousands of small businesses without any online presence. Another large percentage of small businesses have failed to keep their websites updated. 50% of small businesses have seen … [Read more...]

What Makes Pixar So Popular 20 Years Later?

pixar with characters

When Toy Story premiered in 1995, many people were skeptical that Disney and Pixar could create an engaging and memorable film using only computer animation. Until then, feature films like Jurassic Park, Jumanji, and The Mask could only mix CGI effects with live action or animation. Animals might seem realistic, with taunt muscles and realistic … [Read more...]

Unconventional Wisdom – Crazy Marketing Campaigns That Actually Worked


We live in an age of information overload. Consumers are soaking up social media posts, articles, how-to videos, and pop ups at an alarming rate. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we tend to favor bite-sized bits of information that are quick and easy to digest. At the rate we take in information every day, it's no wonder why businesses are … [Read more...]

The Barter Banter of e-Commerce Branding


A niche brand may seem counter-intuitive to business owners, and technology is partly to blame for this kind of thinking. If the internet is all inclusive, why shouldn’t your business appeal to everyone surfing it? The truth is that people from varying demographics, looking for the same product in the same price range, need to be targeted … [Read more...]

The Evolution of the American Girl Collection and How We Should Respond


Most girls born after 1986 understand the inescapable allure of the American Girl franchise. Perhaps you found them through the many books that have been published through the American Girl company. Even if you didn’t own any American Girl dolls, you probably knew a classmate who did. The collection originally focused on fictional girls, all nine … [Read more...]

The Rat (Terrier) Race: Improving Workplace Performance With a Pet in the Office


“Dogs in the office” may seem like a questionable idea at first. In spite of easy to imagine worst-case scenarios, however, allowing employees to bring their pets to the workplace has consistently been associated with improved productivity, reduced stress, increased satisfaction at work, and an overall better workplace. This is a great way to … [Read more...]

How Telecommuting Is Changing the Way We Work


The future is quickly headed toward telecommuting. Since 2005, telework has grown almost 80%, and it has continued to show growth even as the overall workforce declined from 2011-2012. Organizations that employ telecommuters see benefits across the board. Naturally, growing companies demand a way to keep productivity and employee retention rates … [Read more...]