Everything is Not Terrible: How to Stay Positive When You’re in the Weeds

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Anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry will shiver at the thought of being "in the weeds." The thing is, this is not exclusive to the world of food service. Every single industry has its fair share of crazy, overloaded workdays. With the start of a new year, this is especially true for many small businesses. How do you stop pulling out … [Read more...]

3 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2016

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A recent Pew Research study found that 72% of users turn to the internet when it comes to finding health information. This presents a huge opportunity for healthcare marketers to produce quality data about disease and prevention, but how should we go about it? Unfortunately, there’s an abundance of inaccurate health information out there; a … [Read more...]

An Easy Guide to Finding ROI Driving Long-Tail Keywords

Guide to keywords

Content marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand – one doesn’t work without the other. However, the rules of SEO constantly change, and only the companies that understand the power of content driven by SEO will see the financial ROI executive management looks at around budget renewal time. If you’re still creating content based solely on keywords and not … [Read more...]

Branding for the Holidays – Content Marketing Lessons in the Starbuck’s Cup Controversy

Branding for the Holidays -Starbucks Holiday Cup

The 2015 Starbucks holiday cup started an interesting conversation in the marketing world. The range of reactions to the coffee giant’s mug highlights the need for companies to address marketing a brand appropriately during the holidays. Yes, we’re going there. Whether you feel outrage at the cup’s lack of traditional symbolism or you love the … [Read more...]

Why Retailers Should Never Ignore These Types of Content

Retail Content Marketing Lessons

Retailers, whether of e-commerce or brick and mortar variety, have quite the selection when it comes to content marketing. There are many variations on content in the marketing world, but not all types of content are suitable for all brands. Some companies have little room for social media campaigns or white papers. Retailers, on the other hand, … [Read more...]

Developing a Seasonal Content Campaign for Fall 2015

Make Your Small Business Content 1(1)

Small brick and mortar businesses often have to change their marketing strategies seasonally to maintain audience attention in the marketplace. As school starts, football season kicks off, and we enter the land of monthly holidays, your business needs to stand out from the crowd. Albert Einstein defined insanity as, “doing the same thing over and … [Read more...]