Stuck in a Content Rut? 12 Ways to Reimagine Your Business’ Blog


Your blog is the one place you have to really show your company’s culture and personality. The primary focus of a blog is to be engaging, right? That means branching away from the blasé, industry babble and appealing to your customers on a more personal level. Even content writers who complete hundreds of pieces of blog-related content per month … [Read more...]

Branding Lessons from the “Whoniverse”

Doctor Who Logo

Anyone whose blood runs cold at the mention of Daleks, knows not to blink around a Weeping Angel statue, or dreams of being whisked away in a spaceship disguised as a blue Police Box is already well aware of the appeal of The Doctor. As Doctor Who approaches its Season 8 premiere, an army of avid Whovians eagerly awaits a new crop of adventures … [Read more...]

Understanding the Appeal of User-Generated Content Marketing

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Have you ever considered handing over the job of content marketing to your customers? Believe it or not, we think you should. Obviously, you shouldn’t fire your whole marketing team and crowdsource your entire content strategy. However, the occasional user-generated content marketing campaign allows participants to create their own corner in … [Read more...]

RxContent: How to Find Your Marketing Prescription


If you’re like me, you like a good analogy. Analogical reasoning plays a critical, though mysterious, role in problem-solving contexts, especially for marketers. Today, marketers struggle with the “digital roadblock,” where proven marketing techniques fall flat and innovative ideas thrive. Forty percent of marketers know they must change their … [Read more...]

What the 7 Greatest Trailers of All Time Can Teach You About Content Marketing


“Aw, man! Not another one!” Chances are you’ve groaned this phrase while at the movie theatre. According to the Hollywood Reporter, audiences are bombarded with 17-20 minutes of advertising before the film even begins! While we love to hate trailers, the reality is that we never complain when one clenches our attention and refuses to release … [Read more...]

Content Shock: Myth or Disconcerting Reality?


If you follow trends in content marketing, you’ve probably heard the phrase “content shock.”  “Info overload” and “content shock” are terms that have been thrown around a lot in the past few months, after the executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, Mark Schaefer, posted an article earlier this year on his personal website. The article … [Read more...]