Press Rewind: Is Video Killing the Content Marketing Star?

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Content marketing is king, so why are experts suggesting it will be dethroned by video? Regardless of industry, visual content is becoming the key to higher engagement rates, more traffic and increased brand exposure online. With nearly 50% of Americans watching one or more videos online per month, brands that want to stay in the game need to step … [Read more...]

Want to Become the Next VIP of LinkedIn? Publish Your Heart Out

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Last year, LinkedIn lowered its age limit, introduced a bundle of new mobile apps and put the finishing touches on its updated design. In 2014, LinkedIn’s biggest news thus far has been the platform’s intention to roll out long form publishing to all members. As announced in February, LinkedIn gave publishing access to 25,000 members with the … [Read more...]

2014 World Cup: Opportunistic Marketing May Prove More Effective than Ambush Strategies


The FIFA World Cup, known almost exclusively as the World Cup, is one of the most highly competitive athletic competitions in the world. Held every four years since 1930, the much anticipated soccer tournament is a battle of talent, heart, and longevity. While rivalries on the pitch are heated, it’s competition for exposure outside the arena that … [Read more...]

Editorial Strategy: Does the Early Bird Really Catch the Worm?


This afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice as numerous friends posted on Facebook about a revolutionary product called HUVr. “I really hope this isn’t a hoax!” one friend wrote while the post directly below it stated, “Holy crap, this is groundbreaking!” HUVr is an electronic skateboard that “hovers” above the ground, allowing riders to board … [Read more...]

Feeding the Addiction: Content Marketing Lessons from Candy Crush Saga


It’s just a game… or is it? Mentioning Candy Crush Saga to any of my friends elicits a couple of different responses, but one of the main ones is, “I hate that game!” Hate as they may, Candy Crush players continually come back for more – especially now that the bizarrely notorious Flappy Bird has been pulled from the app market. Let’s explore just … [Read more...]

A Look Forward: Visual Content is King in 2014

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Move over blogs, articles, and white papers – there’s a new sheriff in town. Visual content threatens to dethrone written content and reign as king in 2014. Back in January, I discussed content marketing tactics for niche markets. If you remember, one of the points made was the need to “mix up” content, which I did throughout the post by providing … [Read more...]