Only 22% of Businesses Use Marketing Automation – Why That Number Should Be MUCH Higher


I've written about the usefulness of integrated automation platforms a few times before, and I'm going to again. Automation platforms really are impressive new(er) technology that makes running a marketing campaign so much easier, and they provide businesses with an astounding amount of insight. The trouble is, these platforms can be tough to … [Read more...]

Yuk it Up: Using Comedy to Drive Your Marketing Strategy


Why did the chicken cross the road? He thought it might help his ROI. Okay, that wasn’t exactly a knee-slapper, but the sentiment rings true. In times of war and peace, scarcity and plenty, people are drawn to humor across every type of media. Marketing communications are no different. In 2013, comedy movies grossed over $2 billion in the US. … [Read more...]

The Content Challenge: Have You Checked These Blog Posts Off Your Checklist?


You wouldn’t serve your family the same meal every day of the year, so why do the same with your business blog? I’ve encountered this scenario too many times: a blog obviously on autopilot, where each post is as formulaic and predictable as the next. The ideas are so recycled it’s as though the writer took a blog, went through the thesaurus, and … [Read more...]

4 Elements that Define Every Powerful Story


Each year, somewhere between 600,000 and 1,000,000 books are published in the United States alone. Considering the vast amount of literature already populating libraries and bookstores, it’s no wonder that over half of all books published sell less than 250 copies each. Still, powerful stories cut through the clutter, resonating with millions of … [Read more...]

Press Rewind: Is Video Killing the Content Marketing Star?

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Content marketing is king, so why are experts suggesting it will be dethroned by video? Regardless of industry, visual content is becoming the key to higher engagement rates, more traffic and increased brand exposure online. With nearly 50% of Americans watching one or more videos online per month, brands that want to stay in the game need to step … [Read more...]

How to Boost Your Authority With the Help of Google’s In-Depth Articles

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Back in August of 2013, Google introduced in-depth articles to the SERPs in order to provide more complex information for searchers who want more than surface-level answers to their queries. Sounds great, right? Type in a keyword phrase and easily identify high quality information from respected sources. For SEOs, this function can be incredibly … [Read more...]