What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is leveraging content (words, videos, audio, etc) to market your services. As an industry it is relatively new, but the concept has been around since the dawn of time.

With the evolution of the online economy, effective content marketing can replace the first 80% of your sales cycle. This saves your company major payroll expenses. However, that isn’t to say that content marketing is a cheap alternative. In the last few years major brands like Coca-Cola, Amazon and others are spending close to 26% of their marketing budget on content marketing. And with companies of that size, those are some pretty huge numbers!

Here at Content Equals Money, we believe in creating intelligent content marketing strategies for small business. We are firm believers that the only difference in content marketing for Fortune 500 level companies and the small business is budget. And since the strategy, process and concepts of content marketing are the same at any level, we are passionate about working with you! Creativity is the only thing that can stop content marketing from hitting its full potential, not a small budget.

Unlike other services like Adwords or direct mail, content marketing is like a snowball in that its effectiveness only builds over time. And now that personalized results are beginning to overshadow SEO, content marketing is holding strong as the #1 way to generate qualified leads.

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