10 Most Connected Countries on Facebook

10 Most Connected Countries on FacebookThe United States boasts the largest Facebook population of any one country, with 168,494,580 users, according to Social Bakers‘ figures for the social media giant. This number represents 70.43% of the online population of the US, and 54.31% of the entire population. But while the US has the largest number of users, several other countries have an even more connected populous, by percentage of the population. Facebook’s global expansion has been highly successful, with 81% of the FB population outside of the US and Canada.

The United Arab Emirates has the most connected populous on Facebook of any country, by a large margin. With 67.31% of the population on Facebook, that’s almost 5% higher than the runner up, Singapore, with 62.41%. This means that with 3,348,840 Facebook users, 88.64% of UAE residents with access to the web are on Facebook.

The UAE does, however, have considerably lower Facebook advertising costs than the US, with the average cost per click at only 39 cents, and the average cost per impression at only 12 cents per thousand views. Compare that to the US average advertising costs of $1.18 per click, and $0.24 per thousand views.

10 Most Connected Countries

Here are the top ten most connected countries on Facebook by percentage of the population, with statistics from SocialBakers.com (out of countries with over 1 million connected users).

1.         UAE 67.31%

2.         Singapore 62.41%

3.         Norway 59.04%

4.         Chile 58.18%

5.         Hong Kong 57.5%

6.         Australia 55.16%

7.         Canada 54.94 %

8.         Denmark 54.44%

9.         US 54.31%

10.       New Zealand 54.12%

Continued Expansion

In 2011, Facebook opened its first sales office in Hong Kong, the site’s first effort to breach into the massive Chinese market. It’s quickly been adopted by the territory with 57.5% of the population using the site. While Facebook has no immediate plans to expand to mainland China due to censorship and current political roadblocks to the site, it is missing out on 1/3rd of the world’s population without it – many of whom are already starting to use other social media sites. In order to enter the Chinese market, Facebook will have to concede to the country’s strict censorship policies.

China already has about 100 million active users on other social networking sites, including Sina Weibao, a microblogging site, and Ren Ren, a Chinese networking site similar to Facebook. The Hong Kong territory already boasts 57.5% of its population on Facebook, and the number of users in China is growing, despite access restrictions to the site.

For now though, Facebook is not sinking efforts into China, but instead focusing on more accessible regions, and on converting more of their users to mobile. Facebook’s population of monthly active users was at 1 billion as of October 2012, with 604 million mobile users.

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