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As writers, we all love to read. And, we all spend a heck of a lot of time staring at our computer screens, so a lot of that reading is done online. Rather than scanning through Reddit for whatever may wash up on your browser, you should be spending your time with 10 of the most popular blogs for content writers.

Hey, it’s subjective, I know. But, I’ve found these 10 blogs to be quite helpful for me, and I know I’m not the only content writer who thinks so!


Okay, full disclosure – we syndicate our content here. But, B2C is a great place to pick up some writing tips. Because they publish so many different writers (from a variety of backgrounds), you will definitely learn something you didn’t know before about blogging.

Content Marketing Institute

CMI is a wildly popular blog from Joe Pulizzi. I’ve been reading CMI since day one as a web copywriter because they publish posts from the industry’s power players. You might be skeptical about advice from the average freelance writer’s blog. But, you can rest assured that if you read something on CMI, it’s got a 99% chance of being true. CMI is the Real McCoy, folks.

The Copy Bot

I first came across Demian Farnworth on Copyblogger, and now I love his blog, The Copy Bot. Farnworth has been in the copywriting game for well over 10 years (in internet time, that’s like 200 years). His writing style is interesting, funny, and really informative. Definitely bookmark this one!


When it comes to the two most popular blogs about content writing, Copyblogger has got to be one of them. A lot of the posts focus on the craft of writing, but many of them branch out into other tangential subjects that are equally important. This one is an industry standard – don’t miss it.

Freelance Folder

Like Copyblogger, Freelance Folder does a good job of balancing straightforward “writing blog posts” with other useful information. Posts cover everything from your standard “how to freelance” to dealing with bad clients. The bloggers at Freelance Folder have definitely walked the walk.

The Freelance Strategist

This popular blog is the official blog of Contently, a company that “empowers professional journalists and bloggers to build careers doing what they love.” Does that sound like you? Or, at least what you would like to sound like? If so, you’re sure to love The Freelance Strategist. They may not publish a lot, but what they do publish is good.

Jeff Goins

Alright, let’s ‘fess up. As writers, blogging isn’t exactly our end goal in life. I mean, I agree that everyone needs car insurance, but that doesn’t mean I want to blog about car insurance for my whole life. Jeff Goins is who I go to when I’m tired of content writing and blogging. Goins’ blog is designed for all kinds of writers. Plus, it’s full of inspiration to help you pursue the kind of writing you want to pursue.

Make a Living Writing

I think I first came across Carol Tice on Copyblogger. The title of her popular blog might throw you off as a hokey work-from-home program, but her blog is actually super helpful and informative! Tice has built a great community around her website, too. It’s not often you see a blog post loved so much that there are more comments than Twitter shares! However, that’s what you’ll find with quite a few of the posts on Tice’s site. A must-read!

Men With Pens

These guys (and gals) cover everything a freelance writer needs to know. From the problem with ‘epic’ to handling rejection, this is a writer’s site through and through! Men With Pens is a content writing/website design firm that serves as a good example of what a business blog should look like.


Quality, quality, quality: three adjectives I would use to describe this popular blog. The posts can go a little long, but they’re jam-packed with material that you aren’t going to find on any of the other nine sites I mentioned. ProBlogger posts do a great job of integrating screenshots, too, so that readers have a very specific knowledge!

As I said at the beginning, determining the ten most popular blogs for content writers is a little subjective. What blogs do you love most?

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