116 Shopping Days Left Until Christmas!

xmas shoppingIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

…wait what?

It turns out that retailers are starting the holiday selling season just a little bit early this year. (Assuming, of course, that you are okay with defining “a little bit early” as “more than four months.”)

Start the Season Early

CNBC reports retailers are combating recent quarterly slumps by starting the holiday shopping season early. Everyone from Toys R Us to Walmart is trying to get in on the early action, mostly by offering unbelievable deals. For example, Walmart is dropping the fee for opening a layaway account and is allowing customers to put holiday gifts on layaway as early as next week.

Duncan Mac Naughton, Walmart’s chief merchandising and marketing officer said in a statement:

“All year long, but especially during the holidays, our customers need a low price leader. This year, we are committed to doing everything we did last year to help Americans save money—plus more. More savings, more layaway items and our commitment that they can give their families a great Christmas on a budget.”

Christmas Creep

Although some people may be thrilled about the early start to the shopping season, others are less so. Some consumers find “Christmas Creep” – the sales and merchandising phenomenon that pushes holiday selling earlier and earlier each year – to be unnecessary and a little disturbing.

It stands to reason that only time will tell if this new campaign to push holiday shopping earlier will be successful. Maybe Christmas in August will become a yearly thing.

What do you think about “Christmas Creep”? Do you enjoy getting to tackle holiday shopping earlier or would you rather wait until after Thanksgiving?

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