2012 Changes to Social Media

Just like the internet itself, social networking sites are in a constant stage of evolution.  Each month is likely to bring a list of updates, meaning that the upcoming year is sure to instigate a number of important changes to what we know as social media.

These changes to social networking platforms will likely mean changes to your social media content writing, so pay attention!  This article will go over the top five changes to social media for the year 2012.

1)  More B2B (Business to Business) potential.  Traditionally, social media has presented the most potential for those B2C (Business to Customer) entities, but this will not remain the norm.  We can already see B2B businesses taking advantage of Facebook and Twitter, and we will only see this more in the upcoming year.

2)  Company websites will be run in a social media fashion.  Many internet-strategizing teams around the country are currently planning to implement on-site user review and ratings sections, allowing their customer base to communicate with them directly.

3)  Search engine importance.  The exact algorithm used by search engines such as Google is still largely unknown to the general public, but we know that social media plays a small role.  In the upcoming year it will play a much larger role, acting as a major factor for result page rankings.  This is a *very* good reason to make sure that your social media content writing is up to par.

4)  Competition frenzy!  More companies than ever are using social media to conduct contests and competitive promotions, and it is working like wildfire!  Other businesses are noticing, and 2012 should see a huge spike in creativity when it comes to engaging the social media audiences through competitions.

5)  Social media platforms as a customer service outlet.  This is a big one—one that offers a huge potential for customer engagement.  No one wants to dial a 1-800 number and navigate their way through a series of automated recordings.  Social media presents an easy and efficient way to communicate—for everyone!

With advancing capabilities and an ever-growing audience, the possibilities presented by social media are seemingly endless and are sure to expand far beyond these five.  This post should give you an idea of the direction of future trends, however, and allow you to better prepare your social media content writing strategies for a record-breaking year!

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