37 Apps to Make Business Easier

Smartphone apps that can make business easierYears ago, the small business owner did not have a lot of tools at their disposal to help them run their business. Now small business owners have an abundance of apps and tools to help them with any aspect of their business. App stores can present overwhelming numbers of apps to people searching for something to help them in business. I thought it best to narrow down into the double-digits to provide a list with the best paid and unpaid apps that businesses can use to improve their organization, operations, management, and save time.

The List

1. Invoice2Go (paid) Invoice2Go is one of the most popular invoice apps on the market. It works on all platforms and utilizes the cloud for easy use. You can give it a shot with a free trial if you’re looking for a better way to invoice.

2. Snap Payroll (iOS) While this app created by intuit is restricted to iOS devices, it is free. It’s also very useful in managing paychecks and it provides all the information you could ever need when it comes to paychecks, taxes, and deductions.

3. Bump Bump makes sharing documents and images easy. With the press of a button you can transfer docs or photos to other mobile or wireless devices in your company. Tap of a button or a “bump” of the devices and you’re good to go.

4. Google Drive If your business is looking for a cloud solution or already uses Google Drive on your computers, the Google Drive App should be high up on your list. Access everything on your Google Drive with your mobile device whenever you need it.

5. QuickBooks Premier Edition (Paid) QuickBooks Premier Edition has a hefty price tag, but it comes with hefty features. It’s simple and easy to use, plus has access to a wide variety of apps that enhance and improve certain functions and aspects of the software so you can tailor it to your business needs.

6. Evernote Evernote is a Swiss army knife of an organizational app. Use it to jot down any important insights or ideas you have throughout the day for your business. You can also sync it with your other devices, share with coworkers and employees, plan activities, and more.

7. Swiftkey (Android, paid) Use your android device frequently for email or documents? Consider getting Swiftkey so your device can learn what and how you type to help you speed up and be more productive.

8.Prismatic Ever find yourself checking the news or your favorite sites and browsing for much longer than you planned? Save time and become more efficient by letting Prismatic learn what stories you will be interested in and presenting them to you when you want to see them.

9. Square/PayPal Here These two apps are the kings of processing credit card and other payments and allow you to use your mobile device to accept them. Depending on what your business would need, be sure to check out the pros and cons of Square and PayPal Here.

10. Facebook Pages Manager (iOS) This free app for iOS platforms will help you manage your business’ Facebook presence while you’re on the go.

11. Kickstarter Status Board (Chrome) This app for the Chrome browser was the subject of a blog post I wrote for CEM in December. If your business plans to or already relies on Kickstarter for funding of any sort, this is the best way to manage your Kickstarter campaign and get the most out of it.

12. CardMunch (iOS) Are you someone who networks a lot? Have a collection of business cards you always wanted to organize? CardMunch will take your business cards and pull the info for an address book, and even add people as connections on LinkedIn. Automatically.

13. CloudOn Need a solution for on-the-go work in Microsoft Office? CloudOn provides mobile and tablet access through the cloud to any Microsoft Office Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document. It’s also integrated with various cloud services like Dropbox if your business relies on those as well.

14. Microsoft SkyDrive A competitor to other cloud services like Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive might be a solution for your business if you rely heavily on Microsoft products and software. The app even works on iOS devices, too.

15. OfficeTime (paid, iOS, desktop) Do a lot of time-based work in your business? OfficeTime is the app for keeping track of yourself or teams of employees when it comes to time management and billing. There’s a free 21 day trial if you want to give it a shot. It’s getting great reviews too.

16. WinZip (Windows) WinZip now has cloud and social media integration added to its impressive archiving tools. If you deal with lots of sensitive information or files that require archiving, the $29.95 price tag might be money well spent for you. You can even encrypt files up to government-level security!

17. FormMobi Like to organize things clipboard style? Want to draw and write all over documents, CAD sketches, drawings, or create your own? FormMobi is your free answer to having a versatile organization tool for you and your team. It’s ideal for creating, gathering, and managing custom made forms to get your business the data it needs.

18. LinkedIn Don’t miss out on having access to your LinkedIn connections when on the go. LinkedIn is a strong tool for your small business and you should be able to access it whenever you need to. This free app makes it happen.

19. WolframAlpha (paid) WolframAlpha is a useful website that can answer all sorts of mathematical and other queries. If your business uses the service for any reason, make sure you get the cheap app the site provides. You basically get the entire site available on your smartphone or mobile device.

20. Dropbox Another Cloud solution that’s easy for personal and business use. Dropbox automatically integrates with your desktop or mobile device and syncs documents to the cloud.

21. trackthis (paid, iOS, web) Does your business rely on UPS, USPS, Fedex, and DHL to ship products and make money? Keeping track of all of the shipments, receipts, and tracking info can be overwhelming. trackthis does all of that work for you. It’s cheap as an iOS app, so give it a shot.

22. Business Secrets (paid, iOS) This cheap app is great for getting advice, information, and ideas for your personal skill set, your employees, and your business. It’s almost like a self-help book for business, except with great info.

23. Google Chrome If you rely on the account features of Chrome for your browsing and want the same on your mobile device, download the Chrome app and use it as your mobile browser. It’s free and works almost exactly like the desktop variant.

24. Robin (Android) Do you need an assistant like Siri but don’t use an iOS device for your business? Download Robin as your alternative.

25. Your Bank’s App Your business has a bank it relies on. Your bank should have an app to make banking easier for its clients. Make sure you get the app to save yourself time and energy.

26. App in the Air (iOS) Is travel a big part of your business? Use App in the Air to keep people updated on your travel and also find useful information about any airport you’re in. Turn downtime into useful time and make travel a little easier for yourself.

27. InDinero (paid) This paid app syncs to your business’ financial accounts and tracks your cash flow and daily finances. This can be an incredible source of information for a small business to learn about its financial position. Currently it appears to be through request, but it has a wide range of pricing options.

28. LocalVox (paid) LocalVox is an app that any small business can use to build their online presence. It brings social media platforms, emails, and announcements together with an easy to use interface. It can even help with search ranking.

29. Spoken Layer (iOS) If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need more time to go over information vital to your business, Spoken Layer might be what you need to solve this problem. You can listen to the web or other documents instead of reading them.

30. Expensify Expensify can make travelling and doing business a lot easier. Users can scan receipts and keep track of mileage and other expenses. You’ll have an easy to read and store report afterwards.

31. AdWords and SEO Secrets (iOS) If you’re looking to increase your knowledge of AdWords and SEO, this free app is a great place to start. Increasing your business presence online can be intimidating, but not with the right information.

32. TripIt (paid and free) Tripit is a great app for businesses needing an organized way to manage travel. This is a solid app to help you manage flights, hotels, and car rentals for your business trips.

33. Hipmunk Hipmunk is an easy to use web, Android, and iOS app to help your business find the best deals on flights and hotels for employees on any trip. The interface is great; check it out.

34. Podio (paid) Podio is a work platform. It can help your small business get more done in a collaborative manner. Podio helps people work remotely and effectively as well. Pricing starts free for 5 users and goes up after that.

35. QuickOffice This Microsoft Office compatible productivity suite owned by Google can help you get important, last-minute work completed while on the go. It can also turn your tablets and mobile devices into workstations if need be.

36. Google Maps Google Maps is the ideal free app for your business’ navigation needs. Whether you rely on local transport or long haul trucking, Google Maps can get your drivers where they need to be. Using it also gives you a chance to see what info customers get when they look your business up on Google Maps.

37.Asana (paid and free) Asana is another collaborative productivity suite available to businesses with less than 30 members for free. After 30 there are various price points for the app. It has a great interface and is perfect for managing group projects and individual projects as well

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