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It’s not easy to get the ball rolling on projects sometimes, particularly when it comes to working with content writing businesses – after all, how can you really be sure that they’re the right fit for you or your clients? Just because somebody knows how to put words on a screen doesn’t mean that they know how to put your words in your voice for your target audience.

How Can I Know Content Equals Money is the Right Fit?

At Content Equals Money, we like to get the ball rolling by offering 1000 words of free custom content, just for getting on the phone with us. It’s our way of showing that we understand the dreaded “generic sample” that you’ll find on so many other websites doesn’t do enough to prove that we’re the writers for the job. We want to prove to you in real time that not only can we provide the content that you’ve been searching for, but we can also provide turnaround in 2-3 days while adhering to high standards of quality not just for any business, but for your business.

Why Offer Free Custom Samples?

We’re fast, quick, agile, and up on the times. Not only are we comfortable writing for a variety of different companies on a myriad of subjects, we’re comfortable writing for your company. Give us a call today for a free consultation and an absolutely no-strings-attached 1000 words. We’re the writing business for you – we’re just waiting to prove it.

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