4 Reasons to Outsource Your Content

Most small business owners want their ventures to be as self-sustained as possible. With this in mind, they usually delegate tasks, including writing content, to available area employees. While this is a good idea, it’s sometimes better to outsource your content writing. Outsourcing carries a plethora of benefits, including the competitive edge it lends to the quality and quantity of your content. If you haven’t considered outsourcing yet, examining these benefits may help you make a final decision.

Fresh, Useful Content



The first benefit of outsourcing is probably one of the biggest. Outsourcing expands your writer pool, which in turn expands the potential to get fresh, useful content on a regular basis. If you have only a few content writers, it’s inevitable that topics will get repeated or new research might not get the attention it deserves. However, the more perspectives you have, the more topics you can cover. In addition, you can cover many sub-topics that speak to several client niches. For example, your blog might be geared primarily toward culinary students. Yet, one subgroup of those students might be interested in high-end Japanese cooking, while another is more interested in starting their own neighborhood coffee and book shops.

The more useful topics you have, the more your volume can grow. Quantity is not inferior to quality; in fact, a business must have both in order to remain viable. Without a large volume of high-quality content, your clients will eventually seek information, products, and services elsewhere. Outsourcing content puts you in a better position to provide information your audience needs. It also allows you to answer more questions and concerns. For example, one of your outsourced writers might spend his time answering questions like, “Is free trade coffee a good investment for my shop?” Another might devote her time to questions like, “What’s the real difference between Northern and Southern Italian cooking, and what will my clientele likely prefer?”

Freedom to Be Creative



Many small business’ content suffers because their writing staff is too small, or because the owner tries to come up with all the content by him or herself. What tends to happen then is that the writers fall back on the same types of content over and over, which makes the content uninteresting and not as useful. On the other hand, outsourcing gives you and the writers who work with you the freedom of creativity.

When most people think of content writing, they usually think of text. Text-based content is a good place to start, but businesses shouldn’t stay there because big blocks of text turn readers off. Outsourced writers are more likely to have different personalities and respond to different content types. You might end up hiring one writer who responds to text, while another responds to videos and is good at finding and analyzing quality ones. Another content provider might be an auditory learner who’s willing to send you podcasts or audible narration for posts. Different types of content keep your site interesting, and keep visitors from thinking they know what to expect every time they click on a link.

Better SEO Results

Our technologically driven world demands that business owners know what SEO is and how to use it. However, many business owners find the best SEO results difficult to get. They’re often discouraged because bigger, better-known competitors seem able to get the best rankings without putting forth much effort.

Outsourcing can and does improve SEO rankings over time. Again, some of that has to do with the variety and creativity of content. It also involves the aspects of SEO certain content providers are comfortable with. If all your writers are strong in the technical aspects of SEO, your off-page links may suffer. The same is true if all your writers know how to navigate on-page SEO but not how to provide a strong technical foundation.

Additionally, the more content you have, the more your links and keywords can vary. SEO ranks websites on link-worthy content, so your content providers need to know how to research and find credible, relatable links. With a large content pool, you can find a plethora of links you may not have discovered researching on your own. Keep in mind, not all links have to be directly related to content in order to have a positive impact on your SEO. If you own a dance studio, many of your links should be about dancing-related things. However, you can add links about topics like dancers’ health concerns too, as long as your some of your frequently used search terms reflect that. It’s a good idea to brainstorm the search terms you want users to type most often before you prepare your website or use an analytics tool on it.

A Broader Skill Set

Several of your team members should be skilled at creating content, but that’s not the only talent they need. For your content to be both high-quality and high-volume, you need a large team with a diverse skill set. Some members should know how and where to obtain paid advertising. Others should know how to respond to SEO rankings, troubleshoot computer issues, and work with your website’s code. Still other team members need to know their way around the financial side of the business.

All these tasks can be daunting for small business owners, which is one reason many small businesses fail within their first few years. However, outsourcing increases your chances of finding the skill set you need. Additionally, outsourcing lets you advertise for specifically skilled people outside your area.


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