A Press Release Is Never “Just” A Press Release





Writing and distributing press releases is a difficult task. You’re crafting something that speaks directly for your company, so there’s no room for error. Your press release can be picked up by websites and search engines all over the internet in a heartbeat, so it must absolutely be professional and polished. What’s more, reporters and news media could pick up your press release, turning what you thought was an innocuous press release into a national headline overnight.

Press release writers with professional experience realize this. When a press release is written well, your business gets valuable exposure and sales can improve. Your business can even recover from negative press with a good press release. Poorly written press releases can have the exact opposite effect, however.

We get to know our clients so that our press releases are both professionally researched and personally engaging for their customers and brand. Our own business is powered by effective, experienced copywriting, and it shows in our press releases. We follow standard PR guidelines and have produced results for clients from a wide range of different markets and industries.

Don’t risk a flimsy press release: contact us today.

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