5 Pinterest Profiles You Wish Your Agency Had

pinterest badgeBetween 2011 and 2012, Pinterest experienced +1,047% change in growth, according to the Nielsen Social Media Report. You don’t have to actively use Pinterest yourself to know that those figures aren’t likely to be dropping. Twitter may be the world’s fastest-growing social network, but Pinterest isn’t too far behind.

Pinterest ≠ A Catalogue

Last month, I covered four brands that are not using Pinterest as a catalogue. Treating the platform as a catalogue is a cop-out. It’s not social media marketing, it’s not creative, and it certainly isn’t going to get any real results.

If you’re a marketing agency, you may not have a “catalogue” of services, but there are definitely some easy, uncreative habits that you can slip into on your agency’s Pinterest account. Here are some ideas on how your agency can use Pinterest creatively…

Agency Post

The Agency Post is a marketing agency with an edge. You’re not going to see boring charts and graphs or a board that contains their client’s logos. Their social media marketing team clearly believes in sharing quality content.

Take the first board on their Pinterest, the Best Agency Bar Award. Not only did they take the time to wade through websites, photos, and probably more than one bar, but they also created unique graphics to tack onto the images:

Agency Post PinterestTakeaway: Think about what your audience appreciates and then put a unique award spin on it. If you do marketing for medical companies, for example, you could create the “Best Medical Waiting Rooms Award” or something of that nature. Get creative!

Studio North

UK-based Studio North is funky enough to have fun, but professional enough to describe itself as “an integrated brand communications agency.” Team members get their own space on the Studio North Pinterest page for their own individual boards – something you don’t see very often!

Studio North pinterestTakeaway: Let the individuals at your marketing agency express themselves through your Pinterest account. Your clients want to know that they’re working with real people. This use of your Pinterest account is a great way to drive that point home!

FKQ Advertising

When it comes to timeliness, FKQ gets it. By my count, 10 of their 25 Pinterest boards are related to holidays or seasons. Instead of posting generic pictures of spiders or pumpkins for Halloween, FKQ Advertising takes it to the next level and shares original pictures of their own Halloween party. This is pretty true across the board, no pun intended, with FKQ.

FKQ Advertising PinterestTakeaway:  Pinterest isn’t just a place where you find images online and then re-post. Don’t be shy about uploading your own original pictures shot at the office or at company events. Also, focus on holidays and time-sensitive occasions if you think they will resonate with your clients.

Definition 6

Definition 6 doesn’t have the most exciting Pinterest profile, but they do have some information-dense boards. I like the idea of using Pinterest as a way to re-share your video blog, something that Definition 6 seems to be doing well.

Definition 6 pinterestTakeaway: Adding video to your Pinterest boards is fairly easy to do. It’s a great way to offer different types of content other than pictures, infographics, and the other common fare that users come to expect.

MDG Advertising

Last, but certainly not least: MDG Advertising. MDG Advertising doesn’t have that ultra-hip flair you see in some other advertising agencies, such as the Agency Post, which is more than okay. I love their Pinterest page because they stay true to what they are, and are able to make themselves interesting without being flashy or edgy.

MDG specializes in a number of industries, including fine jewelry, hospitality, and luxury goods, which makes their Luxury Marketing a real winner:

MDG AdvertisingTakeaway: If you have a lot of great niche content like the “Luxury Marketing” blog posts on MDG’s site, then use Pinterest to promote and link back to that content. Don’t go overboard; Pinterest is not to be used purely as a gateway to your blog. However, having those blog links for your niche posts is a great idea!

Inspired to Start Using Pinterest Yet?

If Pinterest isn’t a part of your social media marketing strategy yet, I hope these examples will at least give you a few ideas and inspiration for getting started. Start connecting with a new demographic on one of the fastest-growing social networks!

Will you make Pinterest a part of your agency’s content marketing strategy?


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