5 Best Practices for Making the Most of Your Facebook Fan Page

facebook likesSo you’ve got a Facebook page for your blog or business – now what? If you’ve logged into your Facebook page and wondered why exactly it matters, this post is for you. Here are five best practices for making the most out of your Facebook fan page.

1. Complete Your Profile

If you’re a local retail shop or restaurant, make sure your Facebook fan page displays your location and hours. If you’re a website or blog, put your URL on the front page. Complete all the parts of your profile, and make it easy for fans to learn about you. Bonus idea: To take your page up a notch, customize your tabs and create a custom cover image, the way Southern Living Magazine did on its page. This distinguishes your brand and makes your page stand out. southern living

2. Offer an Incentive

Make it easy for people to want to like you on Facebook: Give them something in return. You could provide any sort of freebie or reward, from a product discount to a coupon code or a free sample. When people know what’s in it for them, they’re much more likely to become fans. A great example is Rudi’s Bakery – they give a $1 discount to new fans.

3. Be Personal

The best thing social media offers is a chance to make a personal connection. Interacting with a brand via a computer screen could feel rather impersonal – but that all changes with social networks. People relate to people, so use Facebook to share the face of your brand. Post photos, share behind-the-scenes experiences, and let your personality shine. See how marketing firm Straight North shares more than recent articles in the example below, which features a photo from the office.

straight north

4. Be Active

Give your fans a reason to return to your page – keep providing new content. Staying regularly active shows your fans that there’s a reason to stick around. So offer news, quotes, photos, stories, and so on, and do it often. Give your fans something to like and comment on, and pay enough attention to notice when they respond. Post regularly, and engage regularly.

5. Use Lots of Pictures

Research shows that Facebook posts with pictures draw 120% more engagement than Facebook posts without them. People like images, so draw in fans by giving them plenty of attractive, eye-catching photos and illustrations to like and share.

Have you been putting these tips into practice on your Facebook page? If not, start today! Make the most of your social presence, and you reap the benefits of engaged followers.

What can tips can you share for improving your business’s Facebook page? Add them in the comments!

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Shanna Mallon is a writer for Straight North, an Internet marketing agency providing SEO, Web development, blog marketing strategy and other online marketing services, with headquarters in Chicago. Follow StraightNorth on Twitter and Facebook.

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