5 Easy Ways to Brainstorm Fresh Blog Content

Discovering new and engaging content to add to your blog requires creativity. Eventually, even the best blogger will run out of original ideas and need to find inspiration for fresh content, but how does that happen? Writer’s block can hinder your blogging efforts, making it less engaging and dull or even cause you to stop writing completely. Don’t let it happen to you! Consider the following five tips to help you brainstorm something fresh for your blog. 

1. Avoid Writer’s Block With a Content Calendar

Use Content Equals Money’s guide to create a content calendar of topics that are interesting and applicable to your industry. Plan topics quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. Be sure to remain flexible with the schedule you create as current events and industry news arise. To remain relevant in the blogging world, your content must address current trends or changes.

2. Discover Something New 

To creatively find new content, it’s best to think outside the box. Often, bloggers get stuck in a rut because they don’t venture out of their industry-specific content. For example, a plumbing company’s content developer may perform a search for “plumbing industry trends” to find new content. Instead of focusing on just the industry, widen your horizons with different sites that contain varied content.


If you’ve never visited the Reddit site, do it now! You can find a wealth of information that is interesting and engaging, both personally and professionally. The site is a basic page of conversations that range from ghost stories to tech help, and everything imaginable in between. The site is also used as a professional networking site, where numerous professionals share their knowledge. The content is typically informal and shouldn’t be used for sourcing, but reading through the topics will help you brainstorm ideas for content.

The Daily Digg

The Daily Digg’s subtitle is ‘What the Internet is Talking About Right Now.’ The content on the site fulfills this promise and can be engaging enough to keep you browsing for hours. The site pulls information from news organizations and lifestyle websites but also from some obscure websites with interesting stories. The Daily Digg is great for finding new, inspiring content, primarily because the stories are not found on mainstream media sites. The content you find can be linked back to your blog and help promote reader engagement.


Quora is similar to Reddit, with the general public engaging in conversations about various topics. Admission to the website requires a login through email or Facebook. Once registered, the site will ask the user to choose nine topics of interest to follow and request general information to establish a profile.

After gaining access to the posts, you will able to browse the site and find conversations that interest you. The site is also unique because it hosts guest posters to answer questions from users. For example, the co-founder of Facebook recently held a question and answer session on the site. There is a wealth of knowledge on this site, making it helpful for writing prompts.

3. Invite Guest Bloggers

One creative method for adding new content to a blog is inviting guest bloggers to write on your site, which is a great way to network and will help draw traffic that would not normally visit. The other positive about a guest blogger is  that you’re not writing the information yourself. This will give you a break and provide original content that will shake things up from your typical posts. Possible guest bloggers to invite include:

  • Other bloggers
  • Authors
  • Industry experts
  • Life coaches or inspirational speakers
  • Local area leadership

Be sure to give the guest blogger a high-quality backlink and offer to reciprocate with a guest blog of your own on their site. They may or may not take you up on this offer, but don’t be offended if they turn you down. Some bloggers are very picky when it comes to site content.

4. Shake Up Your Content Form

Simply changing the format of your typical blog articles is a good way to brainstorm new ideas. If you cannot get past your writer’s block, find new ways to engage your audience. There are a few ways to make content both relevant and engaging.


On social media sites, quizzes can be especially popular. People love to learn more about themselves and their personalities, so including a quiz can be a great idea. The quiz can, but doesn’t have to, be relevant to your industry. Make sure you engage in conversation within the comments section, too. Ask your users about their results and make the comment section a two-way conversation. Quiz-creating software can be found for free online and is easily embedded on your site. Consider TypeForm, QuizBean, or one of the many others available. 


A good way to drive traffic to your blog is with headline-grabbing lists. Internet traffic loves to learn new tricks, tips, or secrets in a short format. The lists must be relevant to your blogging topic and draw in the reader. If you manage a blog about yoga, create a list of “The 5 Yoga Poses to Learn Before You Die.” The headline is catchy, and your users will be interested to see how many of the poses they have already accomplished or what they need to work on.


Videos draw a lot of internet traffic, as shown by the success of YouTube and their cat videos. Video content does not need to be original content; it can be shared from other sites. Popular YouTube videos, instruction videos, or short films can all be embedded on your site with proper citations.

5. Call in the Professionals

Finding new, engaging and relevant information for your blog can be tricky. Consider keeping a running list of ideas to use when writer’s block kicks in. If you simply cannot find good methods to create content, hire a reliable company that can! 

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