5 Tips for Creating Attention-Grabbing Listings in the SERPs

SERPsSearchers have endless options when they’re browsing the SERPs. As an SEO, how can you make your listings stand out from the crowd? Although there are many important things you can do to get your listing to appear higher in the rankings, you also need to make sure that the listing is attractive to searchers. Create outstanding listings by following these five tips!

1. Write a Compelling Headline

Since your headline is the first thing that searchers see, you need to make sure that it is strong and engaging. Great headlines should be unique, but they also have to be highly relevant, both to your page and to the SERPs.

Bonus tip: make the most of your headline space, but don’t let it get too long. If it’s longer than 65 characters, it will get cut short by Google.

2. Optimize Your Meta Description

Although your headline should grab searchers’ attention, your meta description is your chance to draw them in and convince them to visit your page. Your meta description is still quite short, as it should only be 150-160 characters, but it is your space to offer deeper engagement to your audience. In addition, this is your chance to squeeze in one or two of your keywords.

One of the best ways to attract visitors to your site is to include a CTA or an offer in your meta description, depending on the content of the page.

3. Add Extra Components

All of the extra elements that you can add to your listing will absolutely help to attract more attention. When searchers are wading through the SERPs, components like a meta description, ratings from Google, sitelinks, and Google Authorship help to add credibility and interest to your listing.

4. Claim Authorship

I know, I’ve said it over and over – Authorship is becoming more and more important. Even if it isn’t directly influencing rankings yet, it looks great with your listings. Clearly, you can’t claim authorship with every page of a site, but you should definitely be claiming authorship whenever your can.

Authorship shows that you have authority and credibility in your field, which is very attractive to searchers. In addition, having a photo displayed with your listing can help to attract more attention.

5. Test Everything

As you add various elements to your listings, don’t forget to test different options! You want to find the combination of components that has the highest performance, so do a series of tests to determine which version of your listing is most attractive to your audience.

What are your best tips for enhancing listings?

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