5 Ways Google+ Can Connect You With Your Industry

Google+ offers a lot a useful capabilities and tools for businesses. As a result of Google’s focus on building opportunities and providing SEO benefits for business pages, Google+ has become a very effective social network for industry communications and B2B marketing. There are many ways businesses can make use of the tools and capabilities of Google+, and in this article I’ll share 5 great ways to use Google+ for effective B2B Marketing.

Encourage Online Discussion on your Page

Building posts and comments on your Google+ page can have great SEO results, and it is also a great way to engage others in your industry. You can establish your business’ thought leadership by sharing creative ideas and thoughts on your industry.

You can encourage more discussion and comments by adding others in your industry to your circles and sharing and commenting on their posts and discussions. Also, try to establish calls to action in your posts and comments by asking relevant questions and encouraging viewers to engage.

Google Hangout to Hold Events, Meetings, and Webinars

Google Hangout is a great way to meet face to face (in a manner of speaking) with others in your industry (or your own company) and build a more personal connection to contacts in the social network. Once you establish industry circles and start generating discussions, why not host a meeting or interview with other industry thought leaders?

You could discuss ideas about your industry, and possibly generate some interesting content out of these meetings. Why not have your business host a Webinar on Google+ by using Google Hangout’s On Air feature? This feature allows you to broadcast Google Hangouts to the public. By hosting and promoting a webinar with industry thought leaders, your company could receive some great industry PR.

Build Networks/Circles

You can build your industry networks by adding people to your Circles in Google+. Encourage coworkers and employees to join a circle for your company and contribute to public discussions. Also build your business’ circles with people in your and related industries.

The wider your G+ circles are, the greater reach your content will have. If you remain active in your circles by regularly sharing content and building discussions, your business will also receive great SEO benefits, and your well-liked and shared posts can rank very well in SERP’s.

Create and Share Content With others

Share great content and information with your circles to encourage more shares and more discussion. Once you have established circles and built more business contacts with the network on Google+, create content that is relevant to them and to your business.

It’s important to create and update new content regularly; it gives people and businesses more opportunities to like, share, and discuss your posts. Not only will this help build a stronger community for your industry, it can lead to much greater visibility for your business.

Build Your Link Citations

In your business’ posts, comments and content, you have many opportunities to establish lots of link citations to your website, blog, or social media pages. Use your business’ keywords and content to help search engines connect you to your industry.

Building link citations can provide much better SEO visibility for your website, and it makes it easier for your G+ circles to find you and your services. In addition to posts and comments, you can also include link and keyword citations in your business’ Google+ profile and metadata.

Get Your B2B Marketing Rolling with Google+

There are a lot of good reasons for your business to use Google+. If you rely heavily on business to business sales and traffic, hopefully these 5 ideas can help you get your B2B marketing underway! Also make sure to check out my recent Content Equals Money article on how to get the most out of Google+’s SEO benefits to get even more effective results with your company’s Google+ page and marketing efforts.

How has Google+ helped your company’s B2B marketing efforts?


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