50 Shades of Seductive Content: Secrets to Enticing Your Customers

50 shades of grayWhile bookstores are closing throughout the nation and publishers struggle with their traditional business model, highly seductive romance books such as Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey continue to top all bestseller lists. Though most published authors struggle to move 250 copies a year, these romance novels have sold an incredible 186 million copies combines. So why does this matter? These stories reveal the secret to using seductive content in your editorial calendar, and the more seductive you become, the more persuasive power you have in making a sale.

Seduction through Content Marketing

Haven’t you ever wondered how Apple can tempt you to be so incredibly desperate for the latest iPhone? Even though you just got the last one?

Or how eReaders have convinced you to use them instead? Even though you’re in love with the earthy smell and touch of physical books?

The truth is that major corporations have incorporated seductive content for incredibly persuasive marketing. Here’s how you can take advantage of that tactic as well:

  1. Visualize your target reader. Step one is the biggest mistake that many content creators make. Many businesses will try to visualize their ideal consumer instead of visualizing their ideal reader as they create content. While your ideal reader may be synonymous with your ideal consumer, this isn’t always necessarily true. For instance, you might be targeting mothers with your content, who will then turn the entire family into your ideal clients.

By describing your target reader, you will be able to craft content that is more personal – and therefore more seductive – for the reader. The better you understand your target readers, the easier you will be able to address their concerns, incorporate charm, and introduce your business. The more personalized your content, the easier it will be to optimize your copy for conversions.

  1. Focus on the reader. The truth is that the human species is a selfish one, so you don’t want to focus on your business in your copy. The only reason that people need your products or services is because they’re interested in themselves.

Once you understand this difficult truth, it will be able to write copy that highlights the benefits your products and services provide for consumers. Writing content through this lens will help you create seductive copy that woos your ideal reader and consumer.

  1. Create a pick-up line. Just as you think of that perfect pick-up line to strike a first date, your business needs an enticing value proposition to grab the attention of your reader. The title, call-to-action, and product description are all incredible opportunities for you to create enticing content.

What techniques have you used to seduce new customers and leads for your business?

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Daniel Chioco is a writer living in Nashville, TN. He earned his Commercial Music degree at Belmont University, where he also studied creative writing and wrote for the student newspaper. When he isn't creating content, Daniel works as an actor and films YouTube videos. He is also a freelance musician and is authoring his first fantasy novel.

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