50 Years of Bond – 50 Years Worth of Brand Building Examples

life-50-years-of-james-bondFew series have withstood time like James Bond. Not only has the series withstood the test of time, it’s beaten it! Have you seen the numbers for the latest Bond flick? With international numbers totaling over $1.1 billion, Skyfall is the most successful of the Bond films.

Brands can learn universal marketing lessons from the 007 franchise that continues to evolve and break records with each installment. Brandmakers should consider how the franchise has grown since Sean Connery first breathed life into this iconic character. There’s a reason Bond is back and bigger than before. Content creators and marketers should learn from it!

A Simple Story

Simple doesn’t mean plain or boring. It’s something that people can easily identify and latch onto. In fact, the James Bond films are anything but simple – they’re filled with stellar visual effects and big ideas. But the story itself is simple.

Villian. Guns. Women. The storyline for James Bond is so formulaic it’s bulletproof. When you give people great storytelling, they can attach to your brand, thereby creating a loyal following. And just because you use a formula for your brand, it doesn’t mean you still can’t deliver surprises.

A Classic Logo007_Logo

Once you have a compelling story for your brand to tell, it’s essential to capture it in visual form – a logo. The 007 logo is recognized globally, which has boosted the brand’s reach and staying power. Don’t worry if you can’t come up with a classic logo on the first try. Check out these famous brands whose logos have evolved throughout the decades. Keep in mind that logos should mesh with the overall image of your brand. After all, it isn’t just the 007 logo that’s become iconic. That twangy guitar theme is equally recognizable and the two elements combined are marketing magic.

Sex Appeal bond-girls-calendar

No matter how you spin it, sex sells, ya’ll. And James Bond is no exception. A handsome lead with gorgeous women provides plenty of eye candy for audiences. Remember that this is important for brand marketing because science shows us that trust is a superficial thing. Numerous scientific studies show that people trust attractive people more than…well, unattractive ones.

Think your brand is too good for fun or sex? Check out this Reliant Bank commercial that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but is still extremely effective. The end result of the commercial is that you want to do business with them and that you would trust them with your money – no matter how goofy the advertisement.

Lower the Ego, Build the Brand

James Bonds height

James Bond was played by 5 different actors before Daniel Craig took the lead. Unlike some of today’s Hollywood blockbusters that rely on stars for box office appeal, the character takes the lead role in James Bond, not the actor. Brand management teams can sometimes struggle internally – and sometimes externally – to keep egos in check and ensure that the brand stays in the forefront.

Stay Relevant

Think it’s ironic that a 50 year old brand can stay relevant? Think again. By updating the technology, fancy cocktails, and even the beautiful women, James Bond is always a brand that is on the cutting edge of culture. He’s ahead of the game, not behind it. Likewise, content marketers should always focus on working ahead of the curve. As we’ve covered in a previous post, content marketing is a predictable lead cycle. Since we know what that cycle looks like, we can plan ahead and stay relevant instead of jumping on the bandwagon!

james-bond-blue-tuxedoStylish Bond, Successful Bond

Let me get personal for a second: As a guy, I really look up to James Bond and his style. I can barely pick out a pair of socks in the morning, let alone plan an entire outfit! Yet James Bond knows how to dress with class, yet look cool and action-figurish at the same time.

Consumers are driven by visuals. Regardless of your brand, stylish aesthetics will increase the chances of a successful campaign. Each James Bond actor was presented on screen with style. And each James Bond film was successful. Hmmm… I don’t know that style is the reason each Bond installment was successful, but it was certainly an element that helped!


Each Bond film that is released on the silver screen gets a flurry of media attention to promote it. While your campaign might not be gracing Good Morning America anytime soon, this is a good reminder that cross-promoting your own content through social media should always be done. And hey, don’t be afraid to ask any of your B2B connections to promote you as well!

Have you and your brand unleashed your inner Bond?


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