5 Ways Your Business Could Use LinkedIn for great B2B Marketing

Use LinkedIn for B2B leads and contentLinkedIn has become the largest social network for professionals, and the site provides many ways to make valuable contacts and leads with others in your and related industries. With over a 175 million users, LinkedIn can be a very powerful resource for B2B marketing. In this article I’ll take a look at 5 ways your business can improve your B2B marketing efforts on LinkedIn.

Create Professional Events

With LinkedIn’s massive network of professionals, it’s an ideal place to create and promote online webinars and seminars through your business. These events are great networking opportunities for others in your industry, and they can help you establish your position as an industry thought leader.

You can find many professionals in your industry through LinkedIn to inform them about these events, and holding a webinar is a great way to promote your company name and brand. These events are also great forums to generate high-quality feedback from others in your industry.

Use LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups allows you to join and build networks and industry contacts. Groups can help build your industry’s online community and visibility.

LinkedIn groups are also a great place to find additional business leads for B2B Marketing. Contribute to group discussions to improve your visibility and share your name.

Ask and Answer Questions

By contributing to and creating industry discussions on LinkedIn, you will raise your visibility on the site considerably. Posing industry questions is a good way to encourage engagement on the site, and answering others’ questions will help establish your position as a thought leader.

Contributing to discussions on LinkedIn also has some great SEO benefits to further raise your visibility. Posts and comments containing relevant keywords can appear in search engine results, and it will also help you establish your business’ link and keyword citations.

Run an Advanced Search

By using LinkedIn’s advanced search options, you can find a lot of very well targeted leads! You can sort users by industry, profession, job position and more, so you can really hone in on the individuals that your company needs to promote its services to.

Get Great Recommendations

If you’ve already done work for any of your LinkedIn contacts, ask them to give you and your business a recommendation on the site. A good review from other industry professionals can go a long way for your business in the LinkedIn community.

Comments and reviews written by other LinkedIn users can also help improve your business’ SEO and establish additional keyword citations.

How have you used LinkedIn to target B2B leads? Does LinkedIn factor into your 2013 social media plans?


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