6 Must-Know Secrets to a Successful Business Blog (Revealed)

The “secret to success” isn’t necessarily a secret at all – often, well-known tips and tricks are all it takes to boost sales. Believe it or not, easy-to-follow roadmaps exist to poise your blog for maximum audience impact. If your business blog hasn’t been delivering the results you expected, you could be missing a key ingredient. Use this list of proven blog-boosting secrets to help your business blog reach new heights.

Write on an Irresistible Topic

First, make sure your blog topic is something your audience will actually be interested in reading. The topic should be timely and relevant to your target readers. If you manage a plumbing blog, for example, topics should relate to subjects customers might Google, such as “How to Fix a Clogged Drain.” Pick topics you believe your customers will want to read, as well as those based on high-search-volume keywords in your industry. Conduct keyword research to discover what these terms might be.

Find frequently asked questions, hot or trending topics, and recent news to fill your blog with information readers are searching for right now. Balance time-sensitive posts with evergreen content for blog longevity and lasting relevance. Evergreen content is content that will stay valuable months and years in the future, such as posts about the basics in your industry that won’t change. Make your subject matter the thing to read among your target audience for the best click-through rates.

Grab Attention with a Stellar Headline

Blog headlines are often the deciding factor in whether or not someone will click on a post to keep reading. The most-clicked blog posts are those with titles that draw readers in. Use tantalizing and powerful words to make your blog sound like something readers absolutely must read. Let readers know what they’ll get out of the post, such as how to do something. Keep them brief, eliminating any unnecessary or weak words. Headlines are your opportunity to advertise the post. Make it count with a few top tips.

Boost the Value of Your Content with Facts and Statistics

The most successful company blog posts offer something of value to customers, supported by hard facts and statistics. Instead of simply stating facts, sprinkle in one or more statistics with links to where you found the information. Give your facts the most weight possible by linking to a reliable source, such as a .gov or .edu website.

Make the statistic timely (it’s best within one year) and relevant to the point you’re trying to make. Insert charts, graphs, or infographics to support your point, if possible. Link to the source of the information in the statistic itself. Backing your claims with real data can give your blog post the authority and trustworthiness it needs to appeal to readers.

Bring Plenty of Personality

Not all blogging secrets come down to having all the parts in place. You can follow all the rules and still not have a highly read blog post. Why? You didn’t give it enough personality! Readers respond to content that lets the brand’s personality, voice, and tone shine. Don’t be afraid to let your true feelings show through in your writing. Deliver a unique personality your readers won’t find with your competitors.

You should also keep your copy honest. Don’t necessarily try to sell your wares through your blog post. Instead, it should be a place to garner customers’ trust and provide them with information they will find useful. Keep your blog honest and trustworthy to secure long-lasting brand loyalty. Make your blog a place to reveal your true feelings or the real state of the industry. Readers respond well to true information and consistency rather than transparent lies that aim to get sales.

Wow Readers with Perfect Spelling and Grammar

A simple upgrade that can boost your blog is polishing off the copy. Error-free content can show that you put time and effort into making your blog perfect. It can also make your brand seem like a trustworthy subject authority. Typos and grammatical errors not only make your copy difficult to read and understand, but it can send the message that you either don’t care about your copy or you hire a copywriter that isn’t privy to the language to manage your blog. You don’t want to send either message! If you don’t care, why should readers?

Before you press publish, double and triple-check the grammar and spelling. Run the blog through spellcheck instead of typing it directly into a blog container on your website. Ask a trusted coworker to proofread your work before you publish. Fresh eyes can catch things you don’t. Do what you can to make sure no obvious mistakes make it through proofreading. Check your comments regularly – sometimes readers will point out issues, giving you the opportunity to publish an edited version.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

Finally, make quality a key part of your business blog strategy. Prioritize quality to make sure your readers get the correct impression of your brand. Consistently publishing high-quality, well-researched blogs can boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and get your page more views. Many experts even go as far as to say that content quality is the most important thing a business can produce.

Hire a team of writers who are dedicated to creating top quality content to ensure that each piece you publish has what it takes to shine. Content Equals Money uses a unique three-stage process of writing, editing, and proofreading to guarantee the quality of each piece. Stop worrying about your business blog and start enjoying profitability without the hassle. Contact CEM today!

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