6 Writing Workshops for Business Bloggers

Mastering the art of business blog writing may take help from the experts. There’s no shame in getting professional advice to improve your writing. Reading this blog is an excellent starting point, but taking your blog education a step farther could make a big difference in your blog’s success. Consider signing up for one of these esteemed writer’s courses and seminars to get better at blogging!


Coursera offers hundreds of online courses for enterprises, covering almost any specialization. Coursera partners with top universities to offer these classes. Each course involves video lectures, an interactive digital textbook, quizzes to keep you on track, and projects. You can receive help from top educators and thousands of other students for help mastering the concepts involved in business writing.

Coursera’s Introduction to Business Writing course, created by the University of California, Irvine, is the perfect opportunity for business bloggers looking for ways to better articulate their thoughts. Up your content-writing and blogging skills through lessons such as how to tailor your content to your audience, use the best medium for your brand, and avoid common writing pitfalls. You’ll learn about all types of business writing in this course, not just blogging.

This class involves four to eight hours of videos, quizzes, and text readings. It is four weeks long. The first week is an introduction. The second week focuses on spelling, grammar, sentences, and paragraphs. The third is about document types and their considerations. The fourth is about finalizing final documents, social media, and informal written communication.


Managing a successful business blog might not take a total overhaul of the writing skills you already have. A few small tweaks and improvements could be enough to make a big difference. The Effective Business Writing course at Ed2Go teaches these writing improvements, helping business execs communicate to their audiences through written content. The course teaches business leaders how to write in all types of media, as well as how to grab and hold attention all the way through a blog or webpage.

This course is instructor-led and costs $149. It lasts six weeks, or 24 hours. It teaches tips such as how to brainstorm writing prompts, making communication more effective, learning how to edit and proofread, and how to tackle tone. New courses start every month, with two lessons per week. You don’t need any prerequisites to take this course, and can take it on a PC or Mac.

Instructional Solutions

Instruction Solutions offers an online Effective Business Writing Techniques course that can help you become a better blogger. It is an in-depth writing workshop that teaches how to write any type of work document while spending 30% less time completing assignments. It also instructs students on how to write more effectively, how to draft and edit important business documents, and how to write with a purpose.

This is a 10-module course that costs $595 for individuals (group discounts available). It’s suitable if you want to improve an entire content-writing team’s abilities or just your own. Upon completing the workshop, you’ll be able to quickly generate and execute blog ideas, tailor your writing style according to the audience and the goals for the post, write more concisely, and communicate your message more effectively. Instructional Solutions also offers other classes focusing on business-writing specialties.


Udemy offers several business writing courses depending on your goals. You can join a course to learn Technical Writing, the Basics of Written Communication, Writing that Persuades, How to Become an Exceptional Writer, and more. Udemy is a trusted destination for workplace learning, helping participants improve their business and writing skills. Learn how to enhance your blog-writing and marketing skills, as well as to boost your command of language.

Udemy’s online business writing courses are affordable, starting from $19.99. Udemy often offers sales on course prices, such as a summer sale that knocked down the price of all writing courses to just $9.99. The writing courses are relatively short, perfect for blog managers who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to honing the craft.

American Management Association

Boost your blog skills through a live classroom online at the American Management Association (AMA). AMA offers dozens of writing workshops, from Business Writing Made Simple to Improving Your Project Management Skills. No matter where you need help in business, the AMA has a course for you. Learn how to tackle error-free business writing, whether you’re crafting a casual blog post or an important whitepaper. Courses focus on grammar, craft, and tone to impress audiences.

Business classes through AMA vary in length and price. A two-day course for non-AMA members can run about $2,000. If you’re a member, this drops to about $1,800. Most AMA classes count as college credits. Look for scheduled live sessions online or in person at a location near you. The AMA also offers single-project assessments if you need help with a particular blog post.

Fred Pryor Seminars

Join Pryor and gain access to many exciting and beneficial courses for business professionals. The Business Writing for Results course teaches helpful writing techniques for everyday business communication, including blogs. Attend the seminar online or find an upcoming event near you. Achieve immediate improvement in the way you craft blog posts, as well as learn the secret to writer’s block, how to take on tough assignments, and professional writing strategies.

Pryor offers single-day seminars at around $179 per person, with group discounts available. Completed classes qualify for six continuing education credits. Learn how to produce clear, effective copy in a fraction of the time with this seminar that focuses on day-to-day business writing.

Hone your blog-writing skills and take your business to the next level with these exciting online courses. Going “back to school” could be the best thing you can do for your business blog!

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