7 Reasons You Must Have Webinars in 2012

7 Reasons You Must Have Webinars in 2012There seem to be hundreds of ways to promote yourself and your business in the current environment.  If you’d like to formulate a viable content strategy for the new year, however, one of the most salient processes that you should look to stand behind is that of the webinar.  The webinar is the latest and greatest way to reach out to potential clients and also craft solid relationships with others in your field—and we’re here to tell you why.

1.     Spread ideas; create awareness.  Webinars help foster a sense of “event” around your ideas and products like no other content strategy can. When you advertise a webinar, you are advertising a specific section of time that is dedicated to your product and processes—and this creates awareness and a sense of excitement around your ideas like few other content marketing methods can.

2.     Foster learning.  One of the greatest advantages of webinars is that the audience has you live and on hand to speak about your products.  You can cultivate an active environment of learning—if the potential client or customer has any questions, you’re available live to answer them!

3.     Build relationships fast.  Since you can interact with your audience live during a webinar, you can strike up those necessary conversations and cultivate relationships in a real-time sense.  Even if you go for the pre-taped webinar, it still helps get that face-to-face interaction that is often lacking in the virtual world.

4.     It’s all about the profit.  Webinars generate a great deal of interest in your products, so having several will help you sell your wares more efficiently than ever.  You can also use the webinar to gain information about how the public interacts with your product and what the most frequently asked questions and concerns are about it.

5.     Build your own audience.  Webinars help generate interest and publicity in your product like nothing else.  The natural event and attraction of webinars will help stimulate your list-building capabilities and build a growing audience for your product or wares.

6.     Multimedia benefits.  When you use a webinar, you get to reach out to your audience in a variety of ways.  You can have video from your webcam; you have audio from the microphone; you could have add-ons like a slideshow or mindmap presentation.  With a webinar, you can do just about anything!

7.     The two-way conversation. Never underestimate how helpful a two-way conversation with your customer is.   When the audience sees you addressing their concerns in real-time, they know you’re really listening!

Keep these seven tips in mind when you’re planning content strategy in 2012—you might find that a webinar is the perfect way to ring in the New Year!


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