7 Ridiculous Marketing Stunts You Wish You Thought Of

taco liberty bell What would you do if you walked into an elevator and witnessed an attempted murder? New York residents were faced with the shocking scenario this week. Fortunately, it turns out that the attempted elevator murder was a marketing stunt to promote the upcoming film Dead Man Down. This isn’t the first time a marketing agency has used an over-the-top stunt to gain publicity and attention.

In fact, many brands use marketing stunts as part of their content development process. Whether you’re looking to inspire your marketing plan or spice up your content, check out these seven curiously awesome marketing stunts you wish you had thought of!

1       Taco Bell Purchases the Liberty Bell. This headline appeared in the New York Times in 1996 on April Fool’s Day. What I find particularly impressive about this marketing stunt is how catchy and humorous it is! Seriously, is it possible to read that headline three times in a row without a smile on your face?

2       Welcome to SugarDaddie.com, California. A dating site by the name of SugarDaddie.com proposed to purchase the name of Woodside, CA for $11.65 million. While Woodside rejected the offer, SugarDaddie got a lot of free publicity, and they didn’t even have to pay a cent out of their $11.65 million offer. What a deal!

3       Is that the Virgin Mary on my grilled cheese? Because they’re legally prohibited from advertising in traditional media, GoldenPalace.com took their casino marketing strategy into outlandish territory – they bought a grilled cheese sandwich for $28,000 because it had the image of the Virgin Mary burnt into it. A whole brand of their marketing campaign then became based on grilled cheese, as they now hold a World Grilled Cheese Eating Championship for competitive eaters.

4       Ice cream and classical music are good for the soul. To promote the brand’s new “Dulce” flavored series, Haagen-Dazs filled a concert hall with beds, hundreds of people, and ice cream. The comfort of classical music in bed with a bowl of ice cream… How sweet!

5       Burger King’s subservient chicken. The king of burgers released a website where a man in a chicken suit becomes subservient to your demands. The website SubservientChicken.com – owned by Burger King, of course – allowed users to type in almost any command and the man in the chicken suite would do it!

6       Attention: Now Announcing the Left Handed Burger! Burger King takes another spot on my list with their announcement of their burger for left-handed people. Again, creativity and humor always resonate with audiences!

7       World’s largest popsicle weighs in at 17.5 tons! In 2005, Snapple attempted to erect the world’s largest popsicle. While the attempt to build the 25 foot tall popsicle of frozen Snapple juice melted under the heat of the public eye and the summer sun, the company still received a lot of publicity for the endeavor!

Has your brand attempted murder, a major purchase, or a world record? If so, we’d love to hear about your craziest marketing stunt ever!

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