7 Tips to Optimize Your Brand’s Tweets

Twitter TipsMarketers and business owners today know that their sites should be on social media – duh – but not everyone knows how to optimize their presence for success. On Twitter, for instance, most tweets get lost in the sea of 400 million daily tweets. By optimizing the 140 characters you post on Twitter, you can begin to harness the power of one of the world’s largest marketing platforms.

1. Ask for Retweets. 

Only 1 percent of brands ask their followers to RT a post. Despite overwhelming evidence that retweets increase reach, engagement, and attract new followers, 99 percent of businesses don’t take advantage of this call to action. Be sure to amplify your message with retweets!

2. Ask a question.

Most businesses struggle with user engagement on Twitter. To increase engagement, brands must remember that social media platforms are a two-way street. It’s all about the conversation. Consumers don’t want to just follow you – they want to interact with you. Asking questions is a great way to increase @mentions and @RTs.

3. Newsjack.

Just as newsjacking boosts content on your site, newsjacking Trending Topics is a great way to gain exposure. However, you must always remain relevant and maintain the “voice” of your brand. Just because something is trending, doesn’t mean it’s worth tweeting about. Wait until there’s a Trending Topic related to your industry to jump into the conversation.

4. Analyze traffic.

While Twitter doesn’t have any analytics options of its own like Facebook, be sure to post links to your website with your tweets. Combine this with Google analytics to determine where Twitter falls in your sales cycle.

5. Don’t maximize the character count.

Yes, I know it’s difficult enough to keep tweets to 140 characters or less. But did you know that the most effective tweets average 103 characters in less? This is statistically proven and is another reason you should keep your tweets short!

6. Tweet in the evening and at night.

Tweets sent at 8 am and 10 pm seem to do the best. This makes perfect sense, though! Throughout the day, adults are working and kids are at school. Early evening is also consumed by dinnertime and extra curricular activities. Thus, most people are online for leisure social media time in the early morning and night, so those are the perfect times to send tweets.

7. Grow your network.

Don’t simply aim for more followers. Strategically network with other thought leaders and influencers on Twitter. If you can get “in” with them, you can exponentially grow your reach. All it takes is a single RT from a thought-maker to give your brand immediate exposure.

 What does your company do to optimize tweets and boost your Twitter presence?

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