7 Ways That Content Writers Are a Lot Like Ninjas

Yes, readers.  It’s true.  Though we don’t wear the black garb, or slink around your office, poised between the refrigerator and vending machine, ready to strike, we do have quite a bit in common with the legendary assassins.  Content writers are a breed of their own.  After all, good content writers aren’t just good writers.  They’re also marketers, strong communicators, great researchers, and they can do some sly impersonations.

What does all this have to do with ninjas?  Well, there are seven big things we happen to share in common…

#1 We’re not very glamorous.  But we do some pretty cool stuff.

As cool as you think ninjas are today, they weren’t regarded nearly as well back in their heyday.  Ninjas were recruited from the lower classes, so they didn’t receive too much attention.  Aristocratic samurais were all the rage.  You know how it goes.  Besides, the ninjas were busy being covert anyways!

Similarly, content writers don’t have the most glamorous jobs.  After all, we’re the background people who write your press releases, generate excitement about your products online, and engage your customers (while pretending to be you).  Though we don’t get the attention, we’re doing important stuff to drive conversions for your business.

#2 We infiltrate your blog.

It all starts with infiltration.  We slip into your blog just like ninjas infiltrated castles… though we do it with your permission, of course!  Infiltrating your blog means we read everything on your site.  We soak up who you are, what you sound like, what your goals are.

When I start writing for a new client, I’m going to read just about everything on your website (unless you’ve been blogging daily for a year) before I start writing for you.  After all, this getting-to-know-you stage is critical for us to be a successful writing service.

Also, we’ll send you a voice document that asks for all kinds of information, from who your target audience is to what your elevator pitch sounds like.  For an example of what this voice document looks like, see co-owner Laura Hancock’s post.

#3 We spy on your competition.

Alright, so we’ve infiltrated your blog, and we’re learning a lot about you.  But, remember, you’re not the enemy, your competition is.  So, naturally, I’m going to be spying on your competition, too.  If you’re selling to a niche market, then I’m going to be even more diligent about my espionage.

One of my clients, for example, sells a very specific food product.  There aren’t too many brands producing this stuff.  So, whenever I’m out at coffee shops or bars, I’m always making observations about the competition’s products.  And, of course, I’m searching the competition’s blogs, recipes, and websites on a regular basis.

Just like ninjas, good content writers are constantly observing what’s going on in the “enemy’s camp” before they strike!

#4 We assassinate your enemies.

And, yes, we do assassinations.  While this writing service isn’t going out and attacking your competition’s blog, we do go after your competition!  We do this by delivering you better content than anyone else in your industry is providing.

We don’t have to bring down the competition, rather, we make sure you have the very best content on your website, so you’ll naturally attract the audience you’re looking for.  Also, we’ve got some great people on the SEO side of things to make sure your content is web-optimized.  Furthermore, we insure that your web-optimized content is duplicate-free.  (More on why that’s important.)

So, all that to say… like the ninja, our content writers will take out your enemies.  But, in a way, we’re even more ninja-like because our assassinations don’t even involve direct contact with the enemy!

#5 We train.  A LOT.

I’ve already talked about research some, but there’s more.  Before I start writing for you I read up on your voice document, I look at all your site’s pre-existing content, and I even look into what your competition is doing.  But, that’s just getting started…

I begin every morning by spending thirty minutes with a cup of coffee, reading, tweeting, and commenting on a variety of articles and blog posts on writing and content marketing.  The more I know about what’s going on today in the world of content marketing, the better writer I can be for you.  Some of the industry standards that any writing service will know about include the Content Marketing Institute and Copyblogger.  Both of these blogs provide great resources for content writers and marketers.

Without continuous training and discipline (which includes lots of reading and practice), your writing service isn’t going to be up to the task of providing great content.  We may not have a lifetime of training like the ninja, but we work hard!

#6 We’re really good mind readers.

Alright.  I realize this could be an area of debate.  There are legends about ninjas walking on water, and making themselves invisible.  Mind reading is just another one of those superhuman skills they supposedly possessed.

If you don’t believe in mind reading, fair enough.  But, ninjas allowed themselves to be guided by an incredibly powerful sense of intuition.  And, I personally don’t know any stories of a ninja’s sense of intuition leading him astray.  (If you do know a story, please share in the comments.)

Much like the ninja, we like to think we have a pretty good sense of intuition.  Call it mind reading, if you please.  A lot of online marketing companies outsource their writing to us.  Because we don’t have direct contact with the client that ultimately receives the material we write, we don’t always have as much information as we desire.  And, with the marketing company as a buffer between the client and us, it isn’t always easy to get the answers we want.

So, there’s sometimes guesswork involved.  And, if we do say so ourselves, we’re pretty good at it.  (Though, if you’d like a piece of writing, please do fill out the voice document!)

#7 Sometimes you forget we exist.

Our feelings aren’t hurt; it’s fine.  But, let’s face it.  You probably woke up one morning, clicked over to your company’s blog, and said to yourself, “Damn, that’s good.”  You may have even proceeded to give yourself a little pat on the back.  But, of course, you didn’t write the piece.  You didn’t even provide a topic.  One of our content writers spent an hour creating, writing, and editing it last night.  However, it’s yours.  You own it.  If you’d like to give yourself a pat on the back, go ahead.  You hired the best writing service after all.

If you forget we exist, it’s fine.  In fact, you shouldn’t have to think about us too much.  Let us be the ninja in your life, silently infiltrating your blog, and providing stellar content that drives conversions your way.  Even while you’re sleeping.

What ninja skills should we develop to improve our writing services?  Any ninja folklore you’ve been dying to share since the third paragraph?

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