8 Gadgets That Can Energize Your Social Media Conversions

The world of social media can be a scary place. You’re right up on center stage, with everyone’s eyes right on you. Everything you post can be scrutinized to no end, and shared infinitely. For many business owners that just can’t wrap their heads around it, social media may be seen as a liability, not a benefit.

Social media isn’t really all that difficult, though; and it certainly doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. If you have something worth saying, and you’re enthusiastic about sharing it with lots of people, social media can be an excellent asset to your business.

To make the most of this asset, you’re going to need tools that give you full control of your message, help you make better social moves and get the most out of your shares. Here are a few useful tools that help you do exactly that!

Seeing Your Impact—Social Data Tools

ArgyleSocial: ArgyleSocial wraps dual Facebook and Twitter post management around a key service that often gets overlooked in social media discussions: link shortening. Anyone that has used Twitter knows that character space is at a premium, and regular websites now have their URL pared down to just a few characters with “link shortening” services. These shortened links are a missed opportunity to spot people clicking your links and investigating your posts.

ArgyleSocial takes advantage of those missed opportunities. By tracking activity across those shortened links, Argyle lets you see exactly where your click traffic is coming from, and how many eyes are on your content through social sharing every day. Other features include precise ROI tracking and the ability to assign posts and other immediate social assignments to anyone in your team.

Crowdbooster: Crowdbooster is another social metrics tool that measures raw engagement rather than click-through rates. Crowdbooster will give you a detailed look into how many times your Facebook and Twitter content gets shared, retweeted, liked, and so on. It also shows you who in your group of followers is the most engaged, and lets you reach out directly to them individually.

Crowdbooster even measures when your best time to post will be based on your past performance—yes, there is a difference in the time of day you tweet something! Social media moves quickly, and Crowdbooster helps you single out and focus on what’s most important, without having to obsessively monitor your performance every second of the day.

Top Twitter Tools

TweetReach: TweetReach is a great tool for anyone that regularly engages Twitter and wants to see just how much mileage their tweets get. Reach is key in any marketing environment, and knowing whether or not your tweets have legs under them is a vital statistic worth keeping track of.

Keeping tabs on your twitter post reach can tell you what your best tweets look like, how successful your posts are in attracting new traffic to your site, and how well your social efforts contribute to your bottom line.

HootSuite for iPad: If you’ve got an iPad and you do a lot of your social media sharing through Twitter, HootSuite is a must-have app. This iPad powerhouse adds the best features of HootSuite to the highly-mobile iPad’s robust features. Don’t save ideas for later—tweet them wherever you are.

Easier Ways To Keep Up With Appearances

Bo.lt: Content curation is what helps you keep your blog well-stocked with good material, and it’s always a major upset when good web content inexplicably disappears. Bo.lt is a fun site designed to give you a space to save all of your favorite links indefinitely.

On first glance it looks like Pinterest, but Bo.lt goes the extra mile and actually saves your bookmarked webpage in the cloud until you’re ready to delete it. Never have a broken link to content that used to be awesome again. You can also build a social presence with other Bo.lt users, and interact with an entirely new audience through the site’s social capabilities.

Google Alerts: You’ll often hear that it’s a great idea to keep up with mentions of your business and your brand whenever and wherever it’s mentioned online, but that’s often much easier said than done.

Google Alerts provides a simple service that monitors what’s said about your business, or your industry, by filtering them and sending you an update. If your business relies on good SEO placement in Google to attract customers, it makes sense that you ought to track your brand’s mentions through Google too!

Do More In Less Time Via Email

Posterous: Posterous is a blog platform that takes a fundamentally different approach to their services: they don’t want you to come to their website to post content. Posterous’s killer app is its email integration: you can write blog posts directly from your email client and send it to your Posterous address, and within minutes your new blog post will be online and readable.

Posterous also adds a host of easy-to-use features that tie your blog into social networking sites and your other blogs. Instead of visiting and updating every site individually, just email your new content directly to Posterous, and they’ll handle the rest. If you can send an email, you can start a blog.

NutshellMail: They say giving is better than receiving, but if you’re managing your business’s social media presence online and you’re trying to wrap your head around all your disparate profiles, you’ll love getting NutshellMail updates every day. NutshellMail tracks your social networking performance across all of your different accounts and sends you detailed emails every morning showing your likes, shares, tweets and retweets, and all the social information you need to see exactly what you need to act on.

Do you have any cool apps and neat tips you use for your social media management? Let us know!!

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