I’ve Got 99 Content Marketing Problems (But They Can Be Fixed)

Help-ButtonsDoes content marketing hold the answers to all your brand’s problems?

Not by a long shot.

And if anyone says it does, it’s time to start walking. Fast.

Content marketing is loaded with problems… it’s definitely not the Marketing-Manna-From-Heaven some people make it out to be.

The good news is, content marketing problems can be fixed.

Problem 1: You Can’t Measure Results

This whole content marketing thing is supposed to produce incredible results, right? We’ve all read through the Content Marketing Institute’s ROI claims, but how do we actually measure those figures for ourselves?

Content marketing ROI is ascertainable. I recently wrote about four easy, non-tech ways to measure your content marketing ROI. Using these methods doesn’t require any remarkable Nerd Skill Set. Even better, you won’t find yourself fumbling about anymore when a client or higher-up asks to see results.

Problem 2: You Don’t Have Time

Write a print ad. Send it out. Done.

Create a billboard. Release it. Done.

Write a blog post. Publish it. Do- …

  • Share it on your social media channels.
  • Seek syndication opportunities.
  • Respond to comments.
  • Create follow-up content based on readers’ questions and comments.
  • (… the to-do list goes on.)

Running a successful content strategy definitely isn’t the easiest way to get your message out there. (But it could be the most effective.) If you don’t have time to blog, tweet, and engage with your brand’s fans, you might want to hire a writing service or social media agency to pick up the slack.

Problem 3: You Expect Cheap, Fast, & Good

In April, Eric Wittlake, a leading expert on B2B marketing, wrote about the biggest problems B2B content marketers face. Wittlake argues that as content becomes even more effective in the marketing world, the cost of content will continue to rise.

Not only is the price of content rising, but the base level of quality is always inching upward. As Wittlake puts it, “Your organization was on board when it was cheap, when you could drive results with thoughtless blog posts slammed out in 10 minutes or created by an offshore SEO company. Now that cheap content doesn’t work, the real lack of commitment is shining through.”

The “cheap, fast, and good” era of content marketing is over. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, it’s time to face up to reality if you still expect those black hat blog companies in Southeast Asia to bring in the same results they did 10 years ago.

Problem 4: You Don’t Know What to Create

The biggest problem with content marketing isn’t setting up a blog – or even writing the blog – but knowing what to write about. My favorite piece of advice comes from Marcus Sheridan, the Sales Lion:

Write down the 50 questions you get the most about your business/industry, and use those questions as the starting point for 50 blog posts.

Then, write a title (or at least a topic) for each of those 50 future blog posts and add them to an editorial calendar. Create deadlines for yourself and your team, and treat those deadlines like you would treat one of your own clients.

These are just four of the content marketing problems I’ve heard about. What content problems challenge you the most?

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