To App or Not to App? The Answer for Your Business

Word has spread from one man shops to legacy businesses that ignoring mobile marketing isn’t wise. A responsive web design is a must have if you plan to keep the market engaged with your brand. Business owners are still struggling, however, with the decision to develop mobile apps. Are you guilty of listening to an app pitch in a meeting, then … [Read more...]

Apple’s Hushed Release of iPad Mini With Retina

The iPad Mini with Retina display was released last week. Oh – you didn’t know? As it turns out, there’s a reason. There are a number of ways that Apple’s release of the iPad Mini Retina has been quieter than the usual exciting announcement. Unlike the hype around the iPhone 5c or even iOS 7, the iPad Mini Retina was released mid-week and without … [Read more...]

Consumer Feedback Leads to Tweaks on iOS7

Apple’s iOS 7 was, for the most part, a huge hit on the part of the company. From the sleek design of the interface to the other functionality updates, iOS 7 was much anticipated – and it delivered. However, some complaints from the sidelines caused Apple to reconsider some of the more minor features of the system. Let’s take a look at what’s … [Read more...]

The Graphic Design Appeal of iOS7

The release of Apple’s iOS7 has unleashed a fury of commentary and interest from novice users and iPhone experts alike. Differing drastically from iOS6, iOS7’s graphic design promises something entirely new for Apple product users. Trusting in the technical skills of their customers, Apple has released a platform that is both visually appealing … [Read more...]

iOS and Education: Apple’s Focus on Kids

Marketing apps to children can be tough – but not necessarily in the education world. Let’s take a closer look at the market for educational apps, because as it turns out, Apple has managed to not only capitalize on but also pioneer the movement for the use of apps in education. Apps for Kids: The Conundrum As with marketing any product to … [Read more...]

How Apple Leads The Market In Technology Accessibility

Since the early days of computers, Apple has been leading the pack around the issue of accessibility. As much as computers made the lives of many individuals easier, technological innovation had the potential to leave out large segments of the population who simply could not use the technology. Apple set out to change all that, expanding the scope … [Read more...]