Marketing for Your Brick-and-Mortar Store Pt IV: Increase Foot Traffic

As a brick-and-mortar store owner, you know that foot traffic is a large part of your brand’s success. The more people come into your business doors, the more revenue you’ll generate. What most people don’t consider, however, is that your foot traffic begins online in the digital age. Consider the following: According to BigCommerce, over half … [Read more...]

Size Doesn’t Matter: Why Your Small Business Rocks

America is the land of opportunity, and most Americans are realizing the importance of shopping locally and being loyal to small businesses. That being said, there’s also a huge amount of competition. There are nearly 28 million small businesses in the U.S. alone, accounting for 54% of sales in the nation. Naturally, launching a small business … [Read more...]

How Age Discrimination Can Be a Subtle Drag on Businesses

Start-ups in the technology sector and corporations throughout the economy are always on the lookout for young, energetic, and talented potential employees. Most organizations recruit employees on college campuses, and more are tailoring their work environments to what they believe people are looking for in this demographic. However, it may … [Read more...]

Recently Moved to Freelancer? Check Your Bank Statement

Have you ever checked your bank statement to find a purchase that you have no memory of making? The same thing happened to us this weekend when we discovered an unauthorized $50 debit. Fortunately, we were able to settle the situation for a refund, but we just want to issue a friendly warning for those who previously used vWorker and have since … [Read more...]

10 Bits of Last Minute Advice you should follow for Small Business Saturday

There is a certain reverence for small business in America. People hold the idea of the citizen-entrepreneur in high esteem. Probably because success in small business captures much of the American spirit: independence, self-sufficiency, hard work, and never giving up. If you follow politics you definitely hear a lot of lip-service paid to small … [Read more...]

What can Google+ mean for your small business?

If Facebook was a blip of a seismic event in the world of social networking—say, a Mt. Vesuvius or the asteroid that doomed the dinosaurs— Google+ is poised to be an intergalactic event that conjoins your online and offline social lives. Because social networking allows users to broadcast intimately, perception is constantly reshaped within that … [Read more...]