How does content fit into your social media strategy?

Everybody knows that content is king. If you can produce just one or two viral videos or articles your site is instantly on the map. Once you pass that tipping point, it gets much easier to stay in the spotlight. So how do you get that initial push? One option is to simply produce content, over and over until someone notices. This is an okay … [Read more...]

SEO: What Is It?

One of the more oft-thrown acronyms in modern Internet advertising, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  What does this mean, and how does it relate to the concerns of businesses looking to entice customers to take a pit stop on the Information Superhighway? The crux of SEO is improving a website’s ranking in search engines.  For example, … [Read more...]


The savvy business owner may hesitate at hiring outside help – after all, most businesses have employees that are perfectly capable with word processing programs and the English language alike.  Outsourcing for web content may seem frivolous to you, or even downright unnecessary. However, have you ever heard the phrase, “penny wise, but pound … [Read more...]