Content Writing from a Creative Writer’s Perspective

Creative writers don’t always get to write. We pursue our passion with our hearts in our throats, hoping we can defend our decision when the time comes, or even better – that one day, when our manuscript gets published, we won’t have to. While people born with the desire to become doctors or lawyers are encouraged every step of the way, creative … [Read more...]

What to Look for in a Content Writing Service

Content writing is an important part of building an internet presence and successfully attracting new business.  While this may seem like a simple task, it is actually much harder than it looks.  Effective content writing requires research and special skills relevant to internet marketing strategy and keyword placement.  In most cases, you will … [Read more...]

A How-to Guide for Internet Writing

Writing for the internet has become a fine art, but that doesn’t make it impossible.  One of the important things to remember is how to keep people’s attention.  By keeping the writing lively and making it easy to skim, internet readers stay in touch with the subject. They might even learn something new. One of the difficult parts about internet … [Read more...]