Simple Ways to Show Google Your Site Means Business

Any small business worth its salt is trying for the coveted top slots on Google for their key terms. Did you know that branding your business can go a long way on achieving lasting ranks? It makes sense, just think about it: Google wants to stay competitive. They don’t want to end up a worthless search engine. It’s the reason behind the panda … [Read more...]

Social Media Content Writing – Outsourceable?

Writing content for social media marketing can seem like a tedious chore, at times.  It may even feel like a waste of time, often overlooked for something seemingly more important.  The truth is, however, that quality is the key to success through social media content writing. If your content doesn't have a kick or if it isn't properly … [Read more...]

What can Google+ mean for your small business?

If Facebook was a blip of a seismic event in the world of social networking—say, a Mt. Vesuvius or the asteroid that doomed the dinosaurs— Google+ is poised to be an intergalactic event that conjoins your online and offline social lives. Because social networking allows users to broadcast intimately, perception is constantly reshaped within that … [Read more...]

Major Tenets of Social Media Success

I’ll confess that this has been on my editorial calendar for ages. I have finally put myself in gear because I get asked about this constantly by clients. I adore each and every one of you... so here you go. Please feel free to comment, add or whatever. Social media is the name of the game. People are balking from a lack of interaction between … [Read more...]

Writing Well on the Web, 5 Simple Points

While written content for the web follows many of the same rules and guidelines for written content, the nature of how people read while viewing online content is different from the way people read content that is in print form.  Accordingly, taking into account the particular nature of writing on the web can greatly increase your content’s … [Read more...]

SEO: What Is It?

One of the more oft-thrown acronyms in modern Internet advertising, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  What does this mean, and how does it relate to the concerns of businesses looking to entice customers to take a pit stop on the Information Superhighway? The crux of SEO is improving a website’s ranking in search engines.  For example, … [Read more...]