Simple Tech for Small Business Owners, Part Six: HTTP vs HTTPS

Cybersecurity is something that is on everyone’s minds these days. From the risks of potential hackers to phishing schemes, we’re always wondering what new threat will come to the surface. In addition to these problems, website owners have their own worries about security as well. Any website owner should take steps to ensure the security of … [Read more...]

How to Write with Authority Part Four: Research

Writing authoritative content relies on having a good knowledge base beforehand. As an expert in your field, you obviously know quite a bit about what you do. Sometimes, however, a particular project requires more knowledge than you have or delves into a subfield that you’re unfamiliar with. In these cases, you need to have good research skills to … [Read more...]

Nailing Your Non-Profit SEO Strategy

From their legal structures to their taxing regulations, non-profits operate differently than their for-profit counterparts. They also differ in the way they should approach SEO strategy. Once reserved for the technically elite, virtually any company can now use search engine optimization to its advantage. In some ways, SEO stakes for non-profit … [Read more...]

An Easy Guide to Finding ROI Driving Long-Tail Keywords

Content marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand – one doesn’t work without the other. However, the rules of SEO constantly change, and only the companies that understand the power of content driven by SEO will see the financial ROI executive management looks at around budget renewal time. If you’re still creating content based solely on keywords and not … [Read more...]

The Top Ways to Influence Local SEO Rankings in 2013

Have you seen the results of Moz’s most recent report on local search ranking factors yet? This study offers insight into the ranking factors that most affect the successes and failures of local search. Both the surprising and unsurprising aspects of the results can help local SEOs to prepare for the months ahead. What’s Most … [Read more...]

SEO and the Inner Workings of Google Autocomplete

Google autocomplete is that function where you begin typing a search term and Google fills out the rest, or gives you a list of phrases that you may be searching for. The autocomplete function can return search terms that are sometimes poignant, sometimes poetic, sometimes hilarious, and – hopefully – useful. How does Google Autocomplete actually … [Read more...]