How Frozen Did It: Lessons in Success from Disney’s Most Recent Hit

Walt Disney Animation Studios regained its former glory and splendor last winter with the new princess film Frozen. For fans who remember the days when The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King were released within a span of 5 years to worldwide critical acclaim, Frozen seems like a return to form. The recent addition … [Read more...]

Everything Old is New Again: Leveraging Your Company’s Classic Appeal

The last time you saw a guy walking down the street wearing suspenders and sporting a handlebar mustache, did you think you had stumbled across some kind of historical festival? You probably hadn’t; you were simply witnessing the effects of the latest hipster trend. Whether you want to call it “newgrass,” “neo-folk,” or Americana, bands like … [Read more...]

Hunt or be Hunted: Business Lessons from House of Cards

If you haven’t already started watching Netflix’s original series, House of Cards, let me suggest you stop reading right now, clear your schedule for the day, and binge watch all 26 episodes. Okay, not really. But once you finish reading, I think you’ll be tempted to start. If not for the entertainment factor, maybe for the practical lessons in … [Read more...]

Hush! Let Your Customers Do the Talking

Yesterday, I was flipping through Dr. Liz Alexander’s #Thought Leadership Tweet book and found a statement that really stuck out to me: “If you want to make a real impact with clients, constantly ask if your thought leadership is about them. Does it address their needs?” On one hand, that means making sure the content you produce is helpful and … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE: What Staged Viral Videos Can Teach You About Marketing

Like 16 million other viewers, I found this video of the “worst twerk fail ever” hilarious and extremely entertaining, so of course I clicked the share button. What I didn’t realize, however, was that the video was faked – or staged, rather, by Jimmy Kimmel. Chances are you remember this video, but you probably didn’t realize that the video was … [Read more...]

There’s An App for That: Creating Your Brand’s Mobile App

One way that brands harness the constantly growing mobile market is by developing branded mobile apps. But is a mobile app right for your brand? Top branded mobile apps succeed with consumers because they provide a tangible benefit, from discounts and deals to easier ordering, prescription reminders, and more. By studying these brand examples and … [Read more...]