Digital Disruption and the Fate of Small Business Marketing

It’s no secret that digital disruptions are changing the way we live and work. What isn't so clear is how digital disruption will start to affect small boutiques as online sales steadily increase. Does the small boutique stand a chance against larger competitors? Understanding Digital Disruption When a new technology fundamentally changes the … [Read more...]

The Purchase Bubble That is About to Burst

Accounting for more than 19 million citizens, the Asian American population in the United States is rapidly increasing. In the past ten years, this group has grown by more than 10% in 49 states. Asian Americans represented 5.6% of the US population in 2010. This number is expected to hit 9% by 2050. Since the population growth has been sudden and … [Read more...]

Outshine the Competition: 13 eCommerce Tactics for 2014

So, you’ve set out to conquer the world of ecommerce, have you? Are you prepared to go up against top brands like Amazon, Groupon and Overstock? If not, here’s something you may need to hear: your competition is already out there, and they’re making their best efforts to outperform your business. What are you going to do about it? You’re going to … [Read more...]

Blockbuster Officially Closes: The End of an Era?

When’s the last time you went to a Blockbuster to rent a movie? Probably not this year – and after this week, you never will again. Blockbuster has now closed its doors, leaving a lot of people speculating that brick-and-mortar video rentals are officially dead. Let’s take a closer look at just what went wrong. Blockbuster’s Demise If you’re a … [Read more...]

How to Piss Off Consumers: Kmart and Thanksgiving

There's a natural human tendency to focus on what seems immediately important. It's easy for businesses in retail, and the online world in general, to get disconnected at times with the broader picture of how they are perceived, especially when things are going well (or not going well, for that matter). Kmart's recent holiday plans are a fine … [Read more...]

Gaining Insight on Consumers Is The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Gaining thousands of likes and followers on new media platforms is no longer enough. Now for companies to gain a competitive advantage online they must understand their consumers and actively engage them. The Benefit of Fully Knowing Your Consumers If companies work to gain a complete understanding of their customers, they will possess the … [Read more...]