Editing for Economy

Editing for economy means eliminating words that don’t add anything to the meaning of a piece of writing. It is quite eye opening to see just how many words you can remove without affecting the purpose of your blog, article, or eBook. In most cases, editing for economy actually improves a piece of writing overall, by letting readers get to the … [Read more...]

House of Cards: Dealing with Big Data

With Netflix’s newest foray into original drama, House of Cards, being hailed as the first victory of “Big Data” programming, it’s definitely time to consider how you are working with Big Data and how to better optimize your approach. Even if you can’t get David Fincher, Kevin Spacey, and the rights to a BBC political thriller, you can still … [Read more...]

Is Your Brand a B-Movie? How to Add Depth to Your Brand via Social Media

I don’t watch bad movies.  It just doesn’t happen.  Now, part of the reason is that I don’t really go to the movie theater that often.  If you’re wondering what my aversion to movies is… well, I couldn’t exactly tell you.  It’s not like I particularly despise Hollywood.  I spent a year building theater sets, but that didn’t make me a … [Read more...]