Fisherman Catches Alien in the Pacific: Why You Should Avoid Clickbait at All Costs

As with tabloid magazines, some write online headlines to draw attention and shock audiences. They may reference alien life, shocking celebrity secrets, or outlandish tales. When your curiosity gets the best of you and you click on the icon, the content often falls short of what you expect. These “clickbait” headlines are manipulative and designed … [Read more...]

8 Things Buzzfeed Can Teach All Small Businesses About Content

People of all ages gravitate towards Buzzfeed, but what makes this media outlet so attention-catching? While the media company does not always hit the mark with their rapid content production, they do sustain a massive readership that earns international attention. Small companies can use some of the site’s techniques to increase readership, drive … [Read more...]

Why Your Photos Are Losing Business (and What to Do)

  Photos on your company’s website or social media platform can make a huge difference in the way buyers see you. Are you a professional, polished company, or a startup that’s still working out the kinks? Low-resolution photos with bad lighting can turn a buyer off, especially when there are so many other websites getting it … [Read more...]

Top Trends for Small to Mid-Sized Firm Legal Marketing in 2016

Law firms have gotten better, a lot better, about offering content that provides useful, digestible information to readers. However, the legal field seems to always trail a few feet back in marketing innovation. While this is partly a risk management strategy, law firms need to step up their game if they want to stay in front of their target … [Read more...]

Content Writing from a Creative Writer’s Perspective

Creative writers don’t always get to write. We pursue our passion with our hearts in our throats, hoping we can defend our decision when the time comes, or even better – that one day, when our manuscript gets published, we won’t have to. While people born with the desire to become doctors or lawyers are encouraged every step of the way, creative … [Read more...]

What to Tell Your Content Team to Get Great Results

Your internal team may not have time to create the content you need to drive a successful digital marketing campaign, and that’s okay! Digital marketing is such a diverse and complex field that leaning on a professional writer makes sense for creating consistent, high quality, and economical content that helps you turn a profit. But have you … [Read more...]