6 Must-Know Secrets to a Successful Business Blog (Revealed)

The “secret to success” isn’t necessarily a secret at all – often, well-known tips and tricks are all it takes to boost sales. Believe it or not, easy-to-follow roadmaps exist to poise your blog for maximum audience impact. If your business blog hasn’t been delivering the results you expected, you could be missing a key ingredient. Use this list of … [Read more...]

6 Not So Deadly Content Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

There’s a lot of talk going (isn’t there always?) about the seven deadly sins of content marketing. In forums and social media, articles listing these ROI-endangering sins are permeating the content marketing community and stirring up fear in the heart of marketers everywhere. At CEM, we’re not a fear-mongering bunch. Though meant to be … [Read more...]

Copywriting for Industry or: Why I Can Write About Anything

I have a confession to make.  I’m not a Maître Fromager; my rock climbing experience is limited to a few trips to Climb Nashville; and, I’ve never paid $150 for a pair of heels, much less worn them.  However, these are just a few of the subjects I’ve had to “write about with authority” over the last week.  It’s not odd; it’s just another day of … [Read more...]

Apple Brand Case Study: A Closer Look

Not many companies can set up shop in a giant glass box on some of the world’s most expensive real estate, and still make a fortune.  You might be surprised to learn that Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York City is valued at $4,709 per square-foot.  As CNN pointed out, that’s worth just about as much as The White House. However, they … [Read more...]