5 Types of Business Ebooks and Why You Need to Write One

It’s 2016, and simply posting a new blog article every week may or may not help your brand stay on top. To truly stand out from the sheer volume of uploads that take place daily, brands need to diversify and optimize each piece of content. A properly developed and marketed ebook can take your content offerings above and beyond newsletters and blog … [Read more...]

Fisherman Catches Alien in the Pacific: Why You Should Avoid Clickbait at All Costs

As with tabloid magazines, some write online headlines to draw attention and shock audiences. They may reference alien life, shocking celebrity secrets, or outlandish tales. When your curiosity gets the best of you and you click on the icon, the content often falls short of what you expect. These “clickbait” headlines are manipulative and designed … [Read more...]

Stuck in a Content Rut? 12 Ways to Reimagine Your Business’ Blog

Your blog is the one place you have to really show your company’s culture and personality. The primary focus of a blog is to be engaging, right? That means branching away from the blasé, industry babble and appealing to your customers on a more personal level. Even content writers who complete hundreds of pieces of blog-related content per month … [Read more...]

Yuk it Up: Using Comedy to Drive Your Marketing Strategy

Why did the chicken cross the road? He thought it might help his ROI. Okay, that wasn’t exactly a knee-slapper, but the sentiment rings true. In times of war and peace, scarcity and plenty, people are drawn to humor across every type of media. Marketing communications are no different. In 2013, comedy movies grossed over $2 billion in the US. … [Read more...]

Y U NO MEME: Leveraging Memes in Content Marketing

The word “meme” (pronounced meem, not mehm or meh-meh or any of the other iterations you may have heard) is a shortened version of the Greek “mimeme,” or “imitated thing.” Originally defined in the 1970s by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, the concept came to refer to a spread of cultural phenomena, ideas, and other artifacts. Online, … [Read more...]

6 Not So Deadly Content Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

There’s a lot of talk going (isn’t there always?) about the seven deadly sins of content marketing. In forums and social media, articles listing these ROI-endangering sins are permeating the content marketing community and stirring up fear in the heart of marketers everywhere. At CEM, we’re not a fear-mongering bunch. Though meant to be … [Read more...]