Uncover the Potential in Your Content With Diversified Content Sources

Most brands have informative content production down to a science. They hit “go” on the production pipeline and can produce dozens of helpful articles in a limited timeframe. While this type of content is important, it’s missing something crucial: the human experience. Consumers can go online anywhere and discover third person narratives from … [Read more...]

6 Kinds of Content You Need to Update Next Year

The importance of content marketing in the digital world is clear, but generating new information at a regular pace can be exhausting. In addition to looking for fresh, cutting edge content, look at the material currently floating in cyberspace. Does the content represent your brand appropriately? Are there mistakes you didn’t catch the first time … [Read more...]

The Bare Necessities of Blogging: Lessons from Disney’s The Jungle Book

Even you’re not a fan of Disney flicks, you’ve most likely known a child or younger sibling who watched Disney’s The Jungle Book again and again. That’s because it has been revised at least twice since its original release and is a certified crowd pleaser. It has the perfect combination of humor, advice, and drama all while appealing to the … [Read more...]

Answers to 5 of Your Nagging Questions About Google Authorship

We’ve heard a lot about Google Authorship this year, but there are still plenty of serious questions floating around. When I wrote about Authorship back in February, most of our “information” on Authorship was simply speculation. In order to answer some of the most pressing questions, Google recently posted an FAQ page on the subject of Authorship. … [Read more...]

Get Your Own Content, Bro! How to Stop Content Thieves from Ruining Your Brand

Success! You’ve spent your time and resources to create original and meaningful content as part of your content strategy. For a moment in time, things are going well: your new content is driving swaths of targeted traffic to your site and the daily number of visitors continues to increase. Then BAM – it happens quicker than lightening – someone … [Read more...]

Branding Your Business With Appropriate Content

Branding is big business to business, and with good reason - customers and clients readily and strongly identify with brands.  Think of the golden arches of McDonalds or the Nike swoosh - these brand elements are immediately recognized and paint a picture of the business within without having to step foot inside of a restaurant or a shoe … [Read more...]