Beyond Style: Creating Content for the Fashion Industry

While the fashion industry took New York by storm in February, it became abundantly clear that only a handful of fashion brands use content to the fullest. With Michael Kors, Nasty Gal and Essie Polish topping the list of the most liked fashion brands, industry giants like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus seem to have fallen off a cliff. Take a … [Read more...]

Plotting Your Business: How to Use Story Arcs in a Digital World

Even if you and I are cynical about the latest marketing tactics, we can’t deny that storytelling drives our lives. There’s even documented evidence supporting our primordial human instinct as storytellers, according to Scientific American. It was compelling storytelling that brought me in front of my television week after week when 24 aired on … [Read more...]

The Niche is the Thing: Copywriting and Games

With many copywriters clamoring to become specialists, you might want to consider moving into a niche market. Specialization has led to higher payouts and better returns on content, allowing creators to make greater rewards for working in smaller and smaller fields. In addition, there’s an argument that specializing in one topic seems more genuine … [Read more...]

Copywriting for Industry or: Why I Can Write About Anything

I have a confession to make.  I’m not a Maître Fromager; my rock climbing experience is limited to a few trips to Climb Nashville; and, I’ve never paid $150 for a pair of heels, much less worn them.  However, these are just a few of the subjects I’ve had to “write about with authority” over the last week.  It’s not odd; it’s just another day of … [Read more...]