The Secret to Outsmarting Facebook’s New Algorithm

As of 2019, the world of Facebook advertising as we know it has ended. Last year, Mark Zuckerberg announced the Facebook algorithm would be undergoing significant changes. His goal for the platform is to “bring people closer together.” In essence, the new algorithm encourages personal connections by filtering out ads and sponsored content from … [Read more...]

Give Your Social Media Strategy a Content Makeover

Compare one of your friend’s Facebook profiles with your business profile on Facebook. Do you notice any differences? I would be willing to bet that you can clearly see your friend’s personality, interests, and lifestyle on a personal profile page. Unfortunately, many businesses forget to flesh out their profiles with the same vigor. They copy and … [Read more...]

WhatsApp With That? Facebook Buys WhatsApp for $19 Billion

Facebook recently acquired the popular messaging app WhatsApp for a shocking $19 billion. But why? Statistics show that WhatsApp is a simple app with a lot of potential. Not only has it experienced record growth, but its messaging volume is also rivaling the volume of SMS messages sent across the world. While Facebook and WhatsApp say that … [Read more...]

Facebook Pulls Ahead of Twitter in Social TV Battle, But Can It Win the War?

When it comes to harnessing the social TV market, Facebook and Twitter are continuing to battle it out. A recent report shows that Facebook may be pulling ahead in this fight. Produced by both Facebook and SecondSync, a firm that works with social media television analytics, it provides a first look at the wealth of data Facebook is capable of … [Read more...]

Can Your Marketing Plan Keep Up with Evolving Social Media?

Facebook is turning ten years old, but this forerunner in social networking isn’t showing its age. Instead, the site has celebrated with a new feature – “look back” videos that offer a glimpse into an individual’s past on the site. This “look back” is just another way that Facebook is looking forward and taking other social media platforms with … [Read more...]

Reports of Facebook’s News Reader Prompt Discussions on Social Media & the News

With the upcoming launch of its news reader, Paper, Facebook is yet again stirring up conversations on social media and the news. While social news consumption, the practice of consuming news and current events on social media networks, benefits the news industry in certain ways, it may negatively impact it in the long run. Furthermore, many … [Read more...]