Simple Tech for Small Business Owners, Part Three: Google Analytics

Taking the steps to incorporate SEO and PPC techniques is a great way to drive traffic to your small business website. There’s a lot of potential in just those two strategies, but you may have some questions about their impact. Just how many people are visiting your website? What are they doing on the site? How long do they stay? Knowing the … [Read more...]

Google Busy with Changes, Enhancements to Analytics

Google provides a swath of services for businesses and agencies. One of their most beneficial services for anyone with an online presence is Google Analytics. Best of all, the service is free to anyone who has less than 10 million hits a month. If you get more than that, you can pay for Google Analytics premium, however, most businesses and … [Read more...]

Seeing The Big Picture: How To Interpret Visitor Flow in Google Analytics

Google Analytics has tons of awesome features that many people don’t know about. What’s more, even if you know about tools like the Visitor Flow chart, you might not know how it works. At first glance, it might look like a huge connect-the-dots catastrophe just generated on your computer screen. Overlooking this big tangled web is a huge mistake, … [Read more...]

Leap Into Your Lead Cycle with Social Media and Real-Time Analytics

Ever wish you could watch your website in action as you promoted it throughout the day? Last Monday, I took a look at free tools Google provides that lets you do exactly that. Google Analytics’ newest Real-Time features let you see your website statistics as they’re happening. Your Real-Time dashboard shows you how many people are online right … [Read more...]

How To Test Your Short Term and Long Term Strategies with Analytics

This might sound weird to anyone not involved with search engine marketing, but I’m about to let you in on something you might have never known about. There’s been a years-long philosophical debate within the world of SEO and online marketing about the “value” of time. In one camp, there are search engine marketers that swear by short-term … [Read more...]

Google Analytics Rolls Out Real-Time Data Segmentation By Specific Dimensions

Last week, the Google Analytics Team sent out an email explaining new features to their Real-Time data. If you manage your own site analytics using Google Analytics, you’re familiar with just how useful the service can be. You might not be familiar with their Real-Time Analytics feature, a well-kept secret that can give you a totally different … [Read more...]