How the Top 6 WordPress Plugins Can Help Grow Your Business

Managing a website can be a real pain in the backend! WordPress, the world's leading CMS, offers a user-friendly interface, maximum customizability, and the necessary security for companies like yours and those of your clientele. While the default settings and offerings of WordPress far outshine its competitors, WordPress cannot possibly know what … [Read more...]

Are You Properly Optimized for the Mobile Takeover?

If you haven’t already taken the advice, now is the time: Become mobile-friendly or become obsolete. According to multiple new studies and reports, global mobile internet traffic is growing at a significant rate. Three industries in specific – e-commerce, B2B, and consumer services – have seen a noticeable shift from desktop to mobile in the last … [Read more...]

Responsive Design for Mobile SEO: The Future is Now

If you’ve been thinking and reading a lot about SEO lately, as I have, particularly in the wake of Google Hummingbird, you’re probably just about sick of hearing “responsive design, responsive design, responsive design” and feeling like Long John Silver’s parrot is perched on your shoulder, squawking out surprisingly tech-savvy buzzwords. (Maybe it … [Read more...]

Apple’s Mobile Site Design Rotten at Core, Ranks Dead Last

According to a recent survey performed by The Search Agency, Apple ranked dead last in terms of their mobile website design among 100 multichannel retailers. This came as a pretty big surprise, since, you know, it’s Apple. As in, the creator of the iPhone? Maybe you’ve heard of them? Apple’s site failed a few of the benchmarks set by the survey, … [Read more...]

Yahoo Redesign Will Bring New Advertising Methods

Along with its acquisition spree since Marissa Mayer became CEO, Yahoo has been slowly but surely redesigning its slew of websites. While its main page, Yahoo! News, and email have already seen changes, the most recent updates consist of a major overhaul of seven other Yahoo properties. With this redesign comes space for new ad formats: Yahoo! … [Read more...]

How WordPress is Taking Over the Web

Did you know that 18.9% of the web runs on WordPress? Considering how many different websites there are on the Internet, this figure amounts to a big chunk. In fact, over 60 million people have WordPress-based websites. Because it is so easily customizable and free to set up an account, WordPress has quickly risen as a top-choice host for all types … [Read more...]