Homeless (But Coding) For the Holidays

File this one under inspiring and awesome: a New York City software engineer taught a homeless man to write code. That man learned the language, then wrote and coded his own app, which has now been released to the world, in just about five months. What possessed the software engineer to do it? Little more than intuition, it seems. “21st Century … [Read more...]

Brand Phoenix: Pokémon is Back!

I would like to believe that everyone between the ages of 18 and 30 went through a fixation with Pokémon at some point during their childhood. (And if they did not, please refrain from telling me; I don’t need to feel worse about my lack of social graces.) It has been a long seven years since the last installment of the games came out. And, as you … [Read more...]

FAA to (Maybe) Rethink Tech Ban on Planes

I have traveled quite a bit over the course of my (relatively short) existence on this planet. Spending so much time in the airport, I have heard all manner of complaints about air travel. From the size of the seats to the quality of the food, airplanes bring out the whiner in each and every one of us. The Worst Thing about Air Travel Of all the … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Latest Focus: Better Mobile News Feed Ads

On Monday of this week, I posted on the CEM blog about one of the latest ad spending reports to be released. The focus of the post was the importance of mobile and the growth of global ad spending. Facebook is a prime example of a company helping to make mobile advertising work, and work well (while making quite a profit). The latest from the … [Read more...]

New App Shopular Seeks to Make Coupon Clipping Obsolete

Do you still clip coupons? A new app called Shopular is changing the face of the way we use coupons and bringing them to mobile devices in a new way. With Shopular, users can receive notifications about deals and coupons for stores located nearby. While many retailers have developed a fear of mobile apps because they may encourage showrooming, … [Read more...]

Global Ad Spending Continues to Rise, Mobile Ads Play a Big Role

One can read a great deal about the rise of mobile advertising here at the CEM blog or on many other blogs and news sites. The enthusiasm for mobile advertising can seem a little over-hyped, but every time a new report on the advertising industry is released, the enthusiasm is regularly confirmed. This morning ad agency ZenithOptimedia released its … [Read more...]