How Pinteresting! Brands Use Best Practices to Increase Sales on Pinterest

Just in time for Pinterest’s 4th anniversary, brands are awaking to the power of becoming pinfluential. In the short time Pinterest has been around, it has amassed over 70 million users and is mainly used for product and content research, making it an ideal platform for brands to engage with their audience. Some brands are using Pinterest like a … [Read more...]

New Pinterest Feature: Related Pins

Following the recent introduction of its advertising platform, Promoted Pins, Pinterest has added another new feature to its roster – Related Pins. With Related Pins, Pinterest chooses pins it believes users will be interested in and places them within their feed. While Pinterest has not yet made any comments in reference to Related Pins and the … [Read more...]

Looking for Referral Traffic? Get On Pinterest

One of the main goals of social media marketing is gaining referral traffic, or clicks back to you brand’s website. A new study is out, and it shows that leading the pack in terms of referral traffic are Facebook and Pinterest. While Facebook comes as no shock, the fact that Pinterest is not only in second place, but also drives more traffic than … [Read more...]

Making Pinterest Work Without Wasting Time

There is a lot to be said about businesses embracing social networking sites, but it’s important to know where you are getting the most return on investment from your time, and what social media projects are simply a time suck. When it comes to Pinterest, businesses may have found themselves caught up in a project that is going nowhere. If you’ve … [Read more...]

Pinterest Improves Personalization with Browser Tracking

Following suit with most other social media networks, Pinterest has announced that it will now use browser tracking to generate personalized pins as well as board recommendations. Interestingly, this is in conjunction with a much smaller announcement that Pinterest supports the “Do Not Track” option. As Pinterest becomes more widely used, it is … [Read more...]

5 Ways Pinterest’s Secret Boards Can Work for You

Have you tried Pinterest’s new secret boards yet? You should. Turns out these boards – hidden from the sight of noninvited parties – are more than a gimmick. In fact, they can be very useful for companies, offering opportunities for everything from private market research to profiling competitors. Here are five ways you can use them for your … [Read more...]