Understanding the Appeal of User-Generated Content Marketing

Have you ever considered handing over the job of content marketing to your customers? Believe it or not, we think you should. Obviously, you shouldn’t fire your whole marketing team and crowdsource your entire content strategy. However, the occasional user-generated content marketing campaign allows participants to create their own corner in … [Read more...]

10 Shark Tank Business Lessons

Now in its fifth season, viewers seemingly can’t get enough of ABC’s Shark Tank. It’s half drama, half business lesson and provides a taste of the fast pace, do-or-die entrepreneurial lifestyle. While it’s certainly a Hollywood look at business pitches and ideas, it yields some interesting and valuable lessons for business owners and aspiring … [Read more...]

How the Top 6 WordPress Plugins Can Help Grow Your Business

Managing a website can be a real pain in the backend! WordPress, the world's leading CMS, offers a user-friendly interface, maximum customizability, and the necessary security for companies like yours and those of your clientele. While the default settings and offerings of WordPress far outshine its competitors, WordPress cannot possibly know what … [Read more...]

Pump Up the Product Page: 11 Tips for Descriptions & Design

Leave the white backgrounds and subpar product photos in the 90s. Shoppers prefer ecommerce sites with flair. Reject product pages with one-photo product graveyards, boasting only the basic buttons to complete a transaction. Marketing firms and company marketing executives miss a huge mark by neglecting product descriptions and page design on … [Read more...]

In the Loop: How Vines Help Ripen a Marketing Campaign

Vine received mentions on the CEM blog regarding its emerging role in news, music marketing, and politics. Over a year later, this micro-video app launched a desktop site, celebrated its first birthday, and gained millions of new individual and commercial customers. An Overview of the Brief (Yet Significant) Rise of Vine In fewer than two years, … [Read more...]

Code Switching and Your Brand: How the Latino/a Audience is Changing the Face of Marketing

The phenomenon of moving in between languages or dialects within the same sentence is becoming more and more prominent – especially in the marketing world. In both linguistic and social spaces, this phenomenon is called code switching. Code Switching in the Real World Code switching occurs more regularly in speech than in writing, but even the … [Read more...]